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    Post [VS] Youtube channel playlist/graphics/etc

    Thank you to everybody that helped get us rolling with this project. The channel is now rolling, with lots of subscribers and videos to go with them!

    Im always looking for more input and contributors though, so let me know if you have any ideas!

    Channel Graphics:
    Resolved (See below post)

    Video makers wanted:

    Im interested in finding out if there is anybody who would be interested in making videos to document our strategic nights. Im thinking along the lines of 10-20 minute videos where key strategic or funny moments from the night were compiled together to create something remeniscent in style to the videos of CHKilroys arma/dayz videos:

    Similarly with dslyecxi:

    If we could get somebody who is competent in video capture and editing to create something like this, that would be great. We have a lot of awesome coverage of the silly events, which is great, but we could also do with a few videos to showcase our more competetive side.

    I figured that snapshot style videos would be a lot less boring to a viewer than hours of footage.. People will see the fun side of our tactical nights!

    If anybody is interested in taking on the task, please let me know.

    <3 love you all.
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