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    Iron Snout (random flash game wot i played today)

    Some Saturday mornings I click on a random flash game on the New page (important: not the Hot New Games page) at Kongregate and sometimes the result is pretty alright!

    Iron Snout is kind of like Too Many Ninjas but with wolves and a pig. I played it several times and kept finding new tricks each time (which is an appreciated thing in an apparently quite simple browser game) and growing in power and finesse and high score until I started thinking too much about tricky finesse and my score imploded. High score games aren't generally My Thing, and I wasn't sure whether to post about it, but then I killed a wolf puppy with the head of another wolf ;_; and figured, ohh, fine then!

    Current best: 54 wolves.

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    The Secret of Gargoyle Manor, a browser point-and-click adventure about retrieving your lost hat whatever the cost, is something you could play!

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