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    Mammoth Gravity Battles - a turn based 3D space artillery/strategy game

    Mammoth gravity battles is a turn-based strategy game with gravity, planets, physics, black holes, missiles, crazy weapons and best of all, woolly mammoths (in flying saucers). Coming soon to PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Ouya.

    Mammoth Gravity Battles has a strong single player campaign, with varied missions and a range of opponents to defeat. Missions include targeting specific asteroids/planets, destroying a well defended base, defending a convoy and defeating the deadly missile cruisers. Multi-player is all about battles. Battle friends in a simpler 2D layout or more demanding 3D layout. You can completely customize the game to your liking, setting everything from number of planets or strength of gravity, to the types of weapons available.

    • Over 40 single player Campaign levels
    • Four player multiplayer pass and play battles
    • Try battles in both simpler 2D and mind boggling 3D levels
    • 16 different weapons; rockets, cannon, frag grenades, minigun, shotgun...
    • Collectable weapon system - turn the tables mid game
    • Varied levels create different challenges each time you play
    • Tactical gameplay, moving ships and planets
    • Destructible planets, planets fragment into asteroids which in turn can be destroyed.
    • Stars supernova and leave white dwarfs or back holes.

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    Mammoth Gravity Battles is out on Android and Windows 8 Store. iOS, PC, Mac and Linux to follow.

    Android Play Store
    Amazon Kindle Store
    Windows 8 Desktop and Phone.

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