I made a short old-school arcade game and Iím looking for some great users willing to test it. Would anyone like to help me out? The game itís not only built for entertainment, but it also serves to further my university research in trying to understand why games are so much fun. So, by trying the game you would also give your contribution to science and help make ALL games even more awesome. Isnít that amazing?! Anyway, all I need is for you to play the game as long as you want and stop whenever you feel like it. Thatís it! Interested? Then, please follow these instructions:

- If you use Firefox (recommended), Internet Explorer, Opera and/or Safari just go to the following link and play the game: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Geof...ronois-battle/

- If you use Chrome or any other browser not listed above, unfortunately the web version of the game wonít work for you. Good news though, you can still download the game at the following link and run it on your computer:

Note that you cannot change the resolution, nor the size of the window. This is done to ensure that all participants will play the game in similar conditions.