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    RUMP! A jump and rump with no arms and legs - but a cape!

    Hey fellow gamers and rumpers,

    I am Jonas from the indie developer Dedication Labs and I'd like to tell you about our upcoming game called RUMP!. Within only six days thousands of people pushed this game through STEAM Greenlight - but what is it exactly? It's a crazy and challenging 3D jump and run game with a high focus on speedrunning, competition, sick moves and multiplayer-mayhem!

    You think the good old Mario Kart was the challenge for you and your friends? Now RUMP! is going to be busting your mind. There are no classic green, red or blue shells - but several other gadgets, that will make your friends rage when you fire them off.

    Jump through the city during the day...

    And at night!

    Compete with your Steam friends, dare them to defy you and beat their best times! Be rewarded with different skins, characters and even some nice powerups. If you want to, you can climb the ladder and score the best times of the worldwide ranking!

    The singleplayer offers over 50 different maps with some serious jumping, collecting and raging action! Get all Coins to proceed to the next level, be fast to make sure to beat your friends' highscores! Achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold times to receive cool awards, skins and other stuff.

    In the multiplayer modes you can challenge up to three of your friends in a fight to the death! Multiple modes are planned - but the most important thing, as usual, will be: first to arrive wins. Use your body and your gadgets to get rid of your foes and proceed to unbelievable greatness! Missiles, Boosters, Hooks and other grim utilities can be used to make your way to the top. Compete with other players all over the world.

    We could go on forever but first of all we need your help! We just started our Indiegogo-Campaign and we need your support. Whether a small recommendation on your social media or a direct contribution to get one of our great perks. We are seeking your help to make our indie title come to life and our dream of a a very unique game true.

    We will release a singleplayer Demo soon, so stay tuned and follow our campaign to be informed! Here are some sites where you can find additional information:

    Indiegogo: or

    We are really looking forward to your visit!

    Cheers and thank you!

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    Silly concept - looks fun!

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