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    Oort Online. The biggest sandbox ever!

    We're Wonderstruck, a small developer working on a just announced new game: Oort Online.

    The team is made up of former Lionhead and EA veterans. We’ve worked on Fable II, Black and White II (and a ton of other games). Last year we released Polycraft, and we also have another team working on The Marvellous Miss Take.

    Oort Online is a new massively multiplayer game set in a sandbox universe of connected voxel worlds. Things are early but we've opened the game up for funding and for limited numbers to try out the prototype.

    For more info you can look at the website here:

    Thanks for looking!


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    Good luck! Im working with Georg Backer on mine ;D
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    Looks lovely! Not sure what to make of the MMO aspects though.
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    When people say mm(o?) without context I just hear pink noise while the developers mouth moves. Without announcing the business model (retail, sub, f2p,server hire) I'm left wanting for an explanation for what the hell is being advertised.

    And adverts that disguise how you are expected to pay actively get on my bad side.
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