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Bloke Behind That Matrix Game Predicts Future

By Alec Meer on July 9th, 2008.

2Moons, but 0 functional websites

(Too mean? Yes, too mean. Sorry.) David ‘Earthworm Jim/Sacrifice/That Matrix Game’ Perry reckons he knows the shape of things to come – “the next big thing will be free games”, he told the BBC, whilst visiting Belfast to pick up an honorary doctorate for Doing Lots Of Stuff With Videogames.
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Perry Predicts 70mil User MMO

By Jim Rossignol on February 15th, 2008.

2Moons is a free fantasy MMO
Talking to new blog on the block, David “Used-To-Run-Shiny” Perry said ““It’s extremely nerdy, World Of Warcraft”, by way of explaining why the fantasy MMO hasn’t already headed off into the realms of tens of millions of players.

“I believe there’s a 70 million player MMO idea and no one’s done it yet because we haven’t got anyone that’s thinking down the Will Wright path,” he said. “There’s people that get close. There’s people that do Club Penguin, or Maple Story, games that are more simple to play, and people like Disney buy them for $500-$600 million and no one bats an eyelid and everyone goes off and makes another Bioshock.

Perry went on to say that his free-to-play MMO, 2Moons, now has five million people signed up to play.

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Desmond Dekaron and the I-will-fights

By Kieron Gillen on February 5th, 2008.

I'm not sure the blossoms in the background are macho enough.

While Dekaron it’s been out in most territories for a while – our US colleagues can sign up via Acclaim, who’ve re-branded it 2Moons – it’s not available in Europe. News reaches us that Dekaron is now looking for participants in its European Closed Beta, which will start on February 22nd. You can go and sign up now, if extreme fantasy violence sounds like your thing and you fancy having a crack at its free-to-play (items for cash) model before anyone else.

And beneath the cut, a video of some – er – fighting. Yes, fighting.

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2Moons Beta

By Jim Rossignol on July 31st, 2007.

2Moons, the free-to-play MMO by none other than David Perry (and not Dave Perry), has just gone live as a beta version. You can download the client from GamersHell. We’ll offer some insightful and informative comment soon, probably. In the meantime here’s a picture of a dude with swords:

Someone might love him…