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[Look At] The [Adventurezator] [Trailer]

By Craig Pearson on July 19th, 2013.

Nope. No idea.
There are very good reasons why adventure games are not emergent. If the colander isn’t found under the pig then there will be no way to strain the pasta to feed to the the astronaut that will make him bloated so he’ll adjust the orbit of the moon so that the waves are choppier and the lady on the boat leaves her door unlocked because she needs to go hurl. It just won’t happen. But that’s part of a problem with the mechanics of adventure games that Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly is attempting to solve. It’s an adventure puzzle game that emergently generates puzzles with solveable solutions. What I’m saying is: if you have a sieve instead of a colander, that’ll work just as well. In addition to that, players can easily build their own puzzles. The Kickstarter elevator pitch, in an actual elevator, is below.
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