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I Played Alien Rage Until This Happened…

I played Alien Rage until this happened…

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Finger Clicky Explodey Rewardy: Alien Rage Trailer

There’s a first-person shooter coming out on Steam this month called Alien Rage. Now unless you’re currently performing surgery or you’re on a tight-rope, I want you to close your eyes and imagine it. The trailer is below.
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Behold: Alien Rage Is The Name

Alien Rage is apparently the new name for Alien Fear, although neither game had materialised on my Release Schedule Bioscanner before today. Anyway, it has a trailer which shoes some aliens and some rage. Good thing they dropped that fear malarky, that would have made no sense at all. Anyway, the teaser trailer below makes it look like a game somewhere in the middle of the hilarious/awesome spectrum, so hopefully City will be able to pull off the “arcade FPS” that they are touting.

Go look at it!
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