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Live$treaming: Amazon Buying Twitch For $970 Million

By Alice O'Connor on August 26th, 2014.

It's a logo.

Hey gang! Remember those rumours that Google planned to buy Twitch for a cool billion dollars? That’s not happening. The livestreaming service has been up for sale, though. Amazon announced yesterday that, all things going well, they’ll buy Twitch for $970 million in cash money. Being owned by Amazon is good for us users, Twitch say, because they’ll have the support to do new stuff faster.

The buyout would help explain Twitch’s unpleasant changes this month. It’s wiped huge archives of old video and started muting copyrighted audio in saved videos, cutting costs and getting legal ducks in a line. Investors tend to care more about that sort of thing than users do.

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Digital PC Games Go On Sale Down The Amazon

By Craig Pearson on August 8th, 2013.

At last, I can finally buy Far Cry 3 online!
Unless you’re an entrant to the Running Man or a Guess What I Ate From The Smell In My Toilet event, competition is mostly a good thing, so I’m happy to see Amazon UK finally following America and taking digital PC gaming seriously. The seller of everything has now added digital downloads to the UK store. The usual suspects are on board, with EA, Square Enix, and Ubisoft games all popping up on sale today.
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Amazon Opens Indie Games Dept, But Only For The US

By John Walker on June 6th, 2013.

Well this seems rather fantastic, unless in my doe-eyed naivety I’ve missed how it is instead sinister and terrible. Amazon US have launched an Indie Games channel. They say,

“The Amazon Indie Games Store helps independent game developers reach more customers, and helps customers learn about more creative games and the people and processes behind building those games.”

Which is great – if you’re in North America.

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Amazon Invades Free To Play Worlds, Brings Gifts

By Richard Cobbett on July 13th, 2012.

Oh, hey, a free to play service leading on a picture of a woman in a skimpy top. Didn't see that one coming at all.

Amazon US already sells just about everything on Earth. Now, it’s shipping to parallel worlds via its new Free To Play aisle, with games including Super MNC, Battlestar Galactica, Run! Escape! – no, wait, sorry, Runescape, and Allods Online. Not only can you grab the games from the site, you can attach your Amazon details to your main account and make purchases from its website. It’s like Steam, only you can also buy Armando Iannucci’s face on a bag!

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