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John Nation: A Yank In The (Virtual) RAF

By Tim Stone on January 8th, 2011.

I can pepper my flight sim reviews with as much talk of retreating blade stalls, snap rolls and skip bombing as I like, but until I get round to building a simpit and joining a virtual combat squadron, my hardcore flight simmer credentials will always look a tad suspect. John Nation, a chap I’ve been swapping emails with for a while, is the real deal. In the Q&A that follows, he waxes lyrical on a range of subjects including his splendid Spitfire-shaped sim throne, long career with the Tangmere Pilots and ambitious Ultimate Goal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spitfire Summery

By Tim Stone on September 16th, 2007.

Yesterday was Battle of Britain Day here in the UK. If you are British and didn’t spend at least five minutes contemplating the extraordinary courage, tenacity and self-sacrifice of ‘The Few’ then go stand in the RPS Corner of Shame.

Only those that rush outside on hearing the sound of a Merlin engine, and instinctively reach for their wallet on encountering an old gent with a Wings Appeal collection box have permission to read My Artfully Annotated List Of Battle Of Britain Games That Don’t Require Joysticks Or The Reflexes Of A Cobra

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