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Oddworld Buzzes In With Hand of Odd

By Craig Pearson on April 13th, 2012.

Mmm, honey
In a classic case of me not noticing what’s right in front of me, it took me at least three minutes to realise that there were bees all over the Oddworld Hand of Odd logo on the new teaser site, encasing whatever the hell that thing is in delicious honeycomb. I’ve no idea what the game will be, but it’s from Just Add Water, who ported Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath to the PC (and it ran like a flatulent donkey after a bowl of chili). The game did exist in a previous, albeit unreleased, form as an RTS on the PS2. We have footage of that below, via the documentarian device known as Youtube.
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The Chronicles Of Spellborn

By Jim Rossignol on February 29th, 2008.

So there’s a new MMO coming up [“Gasp! No!” – Incredulous Audience] and it’s called The Chronicles Of Spellborn. Not sounding good so far, but it’s actually not looking too bad. The Unreal-powered visuals have some interestingly trippy aspects, and the game itself has a complex deck-based combat system that relies on combo systems to deliver its punch. Rather than simply being able to unload your skillset, as in WoW, you’ll have to work up to the really big hits. Additionally the game is set “within hollow rock-realms known as Shards, floating in the confines of the magical Deadspell Storm”, which sounds like a fun time to me.

There’s also some weird magical spaceship stuff going on, but I can’t find any more information about that. After the jump: the (long) GDC presentation, and Gothic rock-opera, featuring the aforementioned spaceships.
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Red Alert: Now With Armoured Bears

By Alec Meer on February 14th, 2008.

Dick Cheney believes Russia is actually like this

Following yesterday’s shock-ish reveal, EA have let slip the dogs of press release, containing the first actual goss on Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Read on for alls we’ves gots so fars. Including pictures. Pretty, pretty pictures.
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