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Bob Came In Virtual Pieces: New BCIP DLC

By John Walker on May 17th, 2010.

Lovely, lovely Bob.

The very lovely Bob Came In Pieces, the puzzle game in which you can augment your ship with bits and bobs found in the levels, has added an extra chapter in celebration of its being released for Mac on Steam. Levels for both the PC and Mac version, I should stress. It’s a completely free pack, six levels of physics-manipulating shenanigans set in a beautiful virtual reality world. You can see a trailer for it with your eye, if you’ll only click below.

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Wot I Think: Bob Came In Pieces

By John Walker on January 26th, 2010.

Uh oh.

An awful lot of indie games come our way. Some of them are great fun. Some of them are properly great. But what about the floaty spaceship platforming adventures of the worryingly named Bob Came In Pieces? Read on to find out wot I think.

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Ship Building: Bob Came In Pieces

By John Walker on December 10th, 2009.

I wonder if aliens have ever had a nice sensible landing.

Here’s a really cute trailer for a game I’d not spotted before this morning: Bob Came In Pieces. (And with that name everyone should be grateful that it’s me who’s writing about it and not Kieron.) It’s a puzzle platformer that looks utterly charming, flying a small ship around, pushing the scenery, blowing things up, and of course collecting coins. The concept appears to be solving the levels’ puzzles by how you rebuild your broken ship, and thus what abilities it possesses. It looks like a really smart idea, cobbling together your ideal setup from the pieces you’ve found, and then using them in the game. Well, take a look.

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