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Splatterhouse: Confetti Carnival Impressions

By Quintin Smith on April 8th, 2011.

Alternative headline: Gum Drop

Late last year I posted about Confetti Carnival, an indie game in development that looked to supercede World of Goo as the gooiest game in existence. This week developers Spiky Snail sent me a preview build out of the kindness of their sticky, explosive hearts, and I can now confirm that Confetti Carnival plays something like a cross between Peggle and World of Goo, and that it’s every bit as awesome as that sounds.
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Jelly Shots: Confetti Carnival

By Quintin Smith on October 28th, 2010.

Confetti takes its name from one Ricardo Confetti, an Italian Monarchist who exploded on his 24th birthday.

If games have taught me three things, it’s that humans have a secret love of (1) shooting other humans in the dick, (2) numbers going up, and (3) blobs. Blob-lovers! Listen close, because IGF 2011 entrant Confetti Carnival is quite literally the best-looking blob game I’ve seen all morning.

The game will see us flinging different-coloured blobs at delicate confetti bombs, trying to match colours and string together the most wonderful confetti explosions. It… I guess it sounds kind of mundane, but just watch the trailer below. It’s a masterclass in exciting editing.
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