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Can’t Craft, Won’t Craft

By Adam Smith on January 30th, 2015.

Crafting requires commitment. How does a person wary of settling down survive in the barren worlds of Minecraft, Terraria and Starbound? A tale of tourism, travel and cooperative tension.

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Building A Sky Caper: Windforge

By Adam Smith on July 30th, 2012.

Skyscraper is an odd word. Natural, perhaps, that it came into use but extremely strange that it’s now a standardised part of the lexicon. It’s as if the common term for a mine was a landwounder or, for a dam, riverblocker. Except those are more literal. There’s a poetry to skyscraper, so how about calling an oil rig a seaspoiler or a turbine a windwrestler? That brings us, not so neatly, to Windforge, a side-scrolling crafting, fighting and exploration game that allows the player to build ships. Sky ships. It’s then possible to ram those ships into things at high speed. Video awaits!

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Spacecraft: Blockade Runner

By Adam Smith on September 26th, 2011.

I miss my childhood lego

It seems like everywhere I look there are games springing up with procedurally generated worlds and fully destructible environments. That’s partly because I spend most of my waking hours looking at websites for in development, ambitious indie projects, but I’m still surprised by how many of the things there are. There are 3D and 2D choices, there are more complex iterations and this one here is set in space. It’s called Blockade Runner, which is the headline gag I would have used if it had been called literally anything else. Although in pre-release at the moment, it is possible to preorder and play around with the ship designer while waiting for a more functional version next year. Video and more details below.

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Sea Craft: Scuba

By Adam Smith on August 22nd, 2011.

No Rapture Here
Interactive experiences in which tiny little people dig into the ground and build stuff with the things they find there are the only game in town. And when I say ‘town’ I mean your town as well as mine. When given the choice between fighting in a modern war or building a house made out of dirt, today’s gamer will reach for his trusty pickaxe every time. Well, most times. Some times. Minecraft continues to be a phenomenon and Terraria has been a massive success. Scuba, a flash game from Louissi posted on Armor Games, certainly has more in common with Terraria than Minecraft. It’s a sidescrolling dig ‘em up with a twist. Guess what the twist is. The clue is in the title.
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