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Don’t Hold Your Breath: Deep

The weird torch things are abstracted shoals of fish

Deep [official site] is a relaxation experience designed for Oculus Rift. I found it in the Leftfield Collection during Rezzed and I’m glad I did so early in the day. Later on it looked like relaxation in front of an audience as people nudged past or peered over.

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‘9’ Director Is Deeply Dippy About The Source Engine


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Valve doesn’t yet have enough money. I have it on good authority that at least three members of their staff still have some of their original teeth, and not solid diamond replacements like their colleagues. Hopefully licensing out the Source engine and associated tools to director Shane Acker, the chap behind the pretty but blathering computer-animated movie 9, will help bring those poor devs the priceless nashers they deserve. Deep is Acker’s next project, and it’s being animated by Irish outfit Brown Bag Films who reckon that using Source as opposed to traditional rendering entails “high-quality production value at a fraction of the time and cost.”

‘Underwater Western’ Deep chronicles a near-future wherein the majority of humanity has moved underwater to avoid some manner of surface danger, and it looks a little something like this.
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