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Bearded B’s Beak Blasts Bugs In Metamorphabet Demo

By Alice O'Connor on April 30th, 2015.

Sweet dreams, kiddies.

I don’t know why John’s Wot I Think of Metamorphabet [official site] talks so much about babies and other varieties of child. Sure, I suppose children might experience some pleasure when a cyclopoid letter B sprouts a hoary beard then a beak pokes through its upper B hole to scream a torrent of bugs, but those snotty idiots are endlessly entertained by you covering your face with your hands. A child’s opinion is worthless. You know who truly appreciates letters being impaled by bug-blasting beaks? Alice. Me. I do.

Maybe you do too, and you can see for yourself as Metamorphabet now has a short browser-based demo on its site.

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Sling Spells At Chums In Grimoire’s Trial Weekend

By Alice O'Connor on April 24th, 2015.

Which sort of a wizard would you be? I don’t mean Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or whatnot, no, the cool stuff: do you want to fling fire, summon earth golems, heal people, or skip that hippy junk and draw upon the consuming powers of the void? Perhaps you might find Grimoire: Manastorm [official site] a helpful, and violent, sorting hat.

Though the multiplayer first/third-person arena wizard war is still in Steam Early Access, it’s opening up to let everyone have a look at how that’s working out through a free full trial weekend.

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Side-On Slide-O-Cover Shooter Not A Hero Gets A Demo

By Alice O'Connor on April 23rd, 2015.

The release of a demo for Not A Hero [official site] is wrapped up in a marketing campaign with a load of guff about UK politics and Nigel Farage and immigrants and fake hackings but look, let’s ignore all that. It’s a side-on shooter where you can duck into cover and slide and murder men in cool ways, made by OlliOlli folks Roll7, so let’s set that baffling angle aside and focus on the fact that it has a demo out now and is pretty fun.

The demo’s on Steam (look for the ‘Download Demo’ button on that jumble of a storefront) and Dropbox ahead of the game’s release on May 7th.

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Cutesy Speedrunning FPS Lovely Planet Has A Demo Now

By Alice O'Connor on April 21st, 2015.

It is a nice planet, isn't it?

I know: you saw that screenshot, read the name Lovely Planet [official site], and rolled your eyes at ole Alice posting another one of her little wander ‘em ups. The joke’s on you, clever clogs. Those colourful cloud islands? You go there to dash and leap around and murder things with your stargun. It’s a first-person shooter, see, about honing short runs to top leaderboards, dodging one-hit-kill enemies, optimising routes, and trying not to miss.

Lovely Planet came out last July, but now it has a demo out through Steam.

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I See You: Colourful Stealth Horror Brighter Day’s Demo

By Alice O'Connor on April 16th, 2015.

Brighter Day [dev’s site] is certainly the most colourful stealth horror game I’ve played, though that’s little comfort when giant hovering eyeballs are chasing me down a hospital corridor and I’m out of ways to distract them. Perhaps I should’ve taken my medicine rather than try to fling it at awful eyes.

It goes down in what appears to be a sunny little psychiatric hospital where everything from doors to showers make cheery music. Though I think it’s delightful, apparently we want to escape. The game’s still in development, but you can have a crack yourself in the demo that’s out now.

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Prepare To Die: Titan Souls Demo Released

By Alice O'Connor on April 3rd, 2015.

We’ve been dying in Titan Souls [official site] for years now. From its beginnings as a scrappy game jam game to its fancied-up modern incarnation, it has a rock-hard core of rewarding care and learning in super-difficult boss fights where you only have one arrow and only one hit will kill you. And it’s pretty great fun.

With the full game’s release approaching, developers Acid Nerve have released a demo which neatly recreates that original prototype, showing how far it’s come. Find it on Steam.

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The Flare Path: Demonstrably Narcissistic

By Tim Stone on March 27th, 2015.

Five and a half of the following seven questions will be answered in today’s column:

* What happens when you pass a red signal in World of Subways 4?
* Do wargame demos work?
* Whatever happened to Command Ops?
* Just how dreamy is the Assetto Corsa Dream Pack?
* How much does my neighbour’s ex-wife make an hour?
* Was Glenn Miller’s Norseman brought down by Nazi geese?
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Sequencing: Cadence Demo Available Now

By Shaun Green on March 22nd, 2015.

Cadence screenshot

It is but a few short weeks since we wrote to you of Cadence [official site], the music-based puzzle game with a creative streak.

Cadence’s Kickstarter campaign is ongoing, and developers Made With Monster Love have released a demo to help propel it forwards. You can download this over at on

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Vroom Vroom: Ride Demo Now Revving

By Alice O'Connor on March 19th, 2015.

Welcome to the cyberfuture, humans.

Milestone have been making zoom-zoom motorbike games for years now, but always working with someone else’s license – the Motocross World Championship, Superbike World Championship, and MotoGP. Licenses bring profile but also pressures, and their games have come out pretty mediocre. What would happen if they get to make their own thing their own way?

You can see for yourself now, as they’ve released a demo for Ride [official site], their first original vroom-vroom racer. It has motorbikes and you can ride them real fast.

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Game Within A Game Within An IndieGoGo: CrossCode

By Ben Barrett on March 10th, 2015.

It is never explained why there is a shipping container on his head and I would have it no other way.

“I’ve heard of CrossCode [official site] somewhere on here before!” you scream in fury at me, because you’ve just discovered you can pronounce square brackets and it’s freaking you out. Yes, Graham spoke of it in the dearly departed DevLog Watch almost a year ago when the demo I’ve been playing was far less robust. It’s about a futuristic MMO which is based on an entire planet rather than inside a computer, with players taking control of humanoid avatars. Lea, one such avatar/player, has lost both her memory and her ability to speak and must find out why. It’s colourful, witty, quite a lot of fun and devs Radical Fish Games have taken the crowdfunding leap on IndieGoGo to the tune of €80,000. You can play a good 2-3 hour early version via download or in your browser here and read on for my thoughts.

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A Twisted Family Tree: Albino Lullaby

By Adam Smith on March 4th, 2015.

Albino Lullaby [official site] could be 2015’s smartest horror game. In the trailer below, developers Ape Law set out their stall with three statements that I can’t help but read as a reaction against popular notions as to what horror is, or can be.

No blood. No gore. No Jump Scares.

This is fear that skitters across the nerves, plucking away like a delirious harpist rather than chopping down hard with a chainsaw. I’ve played the backer demo – read John’s thoughts about it – and found it utterly compelling. Deeply macabre, oddly funny and strikingly original.

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Cock And Bullet Story: 12 Is Better Than 6

By Adam Smith on February 28th, 2015.

“Did you gonna piss?”

My character, a Mexican outlaw, asks the question of a dead man in a privy. I stabbed him before he could whip his shooter out. Felled him before he could cock his revolver. The demo for 12 Is Better Than 6 contains a tutorial, some shooty bits and some stealthy bits. The shooty bits are great and the stealth bits are slightly tedious. The whole thing hangs together thanks to an eye-enslaving art style and the delightful tension that awaits between the revolutions of the cylinder.

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Paranormal PI: Darkside Detective

By Adam Smith on February 23rd, 2015.

One of my favourite films of recent years is the relatively obscure black comedy Skeletons. Treating the paranormal as a pseudo-science, it follows two weary and tense investigators who are somewhere between bureaucratic civil servants and metaphorical exorcists. If Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter had collaborated on a Ghostbusters film, it would probably have looked a lot like Skeletons.

Darkside Detective looks like it might be a nineties Lucasarts take on Ghostbusters, by way of Columbo. A demo is available.

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