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Sharks Vs. Divers: Depth Surfacing In November

By Alice O'Connor on September 8th, 2014.

Oh good their eyes even glow in torchlight great.

It’s been long enough since we last looked at Depth that I’d entirely forgotten about it, and even felt confident enough to swim in the sea a few weeks ago. Now a new trailer and word of a November release for the shark vs. treasure hunters swim ‘em up remind me that–good grief!–the ocean is a terrifying place. And a messy place, littered with severed limbs and bullet-ridden corpses. Sink your teeth into (watch) this new trailer below.

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California Scüba Alles: Depth GDC Trailer

By Quintin Smith on March 3rd, 2011.

This is a shark attack. This is a shark attack. This is! Shark Attack!

Holy shit! So, when I first posted about multiplayer indie title Depth back in October I found the concept of divers vs. sharks exciting, but I wasn’t expecting all that much from the game itself. It’s difficult, bringing an entirely new concept to life like that. But RPS stalwart Phill Cameron just pointed me towards the new GDC game footage, and this game looks incredible.

Enough talk! Hold you breath, plunge into the frigid waters below and take a look for yourself.
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Big Fish, Little Fish, Valuable Box: Depth

By Quintin Smith on October 12th, 2010.

'Hi.' 'Hey.'

I guess John was a bit down on Medal of Honuur. Nevermind! Here’s a first personly experience RPS can get behind.

Under development by a bagful of ex-modders and level designers, Depth is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that recreates the timeless struggle twixst man and shark. One team controls speargun-equipped divers, and has to recover a priceless artifact and take it back to their ship. The other team controls sharks, and must eat them. The shark players also can’t see very well, but can detect motion, and can smell blood from miles away. Ooh, and there’ll be classes, too. Big shark, perhaps? Skinny shark. Fast shark! Hungry hungry shark. But enough of my wild conjecture. A trailer released back in August is after the jump.
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Deep-Deep-Down: Depth

By Kieron Gillen on January 8th, 2010.

As hungover as I am, I can't even look at the video without feeling a little queasy.

This broke over Christmas, but a morning prod by Schizoslayer reminds me I wanted to post it. It’s Depth, a forthcoming old-school shooter. But with a twist. A 3D twist. So, you can put on a pair of the glasses and i) look like a member of devo ii) have that fancy 3D malarkies. The game should be out before March – and you can follow its development over at the workblog – but I thought the footage is interesting enough to post by itself. Is this the sort of thing we’d like to see more of?
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