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Justice For Desktop Dungeons

As you may recall, last December saw the frankly maddening news that an alleged rotter had allegedly cloned QCF Design’s most splendid Desktop Dungeons. The goodly chaps behind said ten-minute roguelike were worried they mightn’t be able to do anything about it. Turns out, they could.

League of Epic Heroes – for it is no longer damaging to QCF to reveal the alleged rotter’s allegedly cloned alleged game – has been withdrawn by its author.
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The Games Of Christmas ’10: Day 17

RPS has a plan. This plan will lead us to ULTIMATE TRIUMPH. If we take even a single misstep, however, all is doomed. We must be pure. We must be vigilant. We must behave.

Prepare for descent. Open the seventeenth window, and to victory!
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Return To Desktop Dungeons

The ‘games I keep meaning to play’ list has now reached the proportions of [unkind joke about your mother redacted], but today I finally found time to peer curiously at 10 minute RPG Desktop Dungeons. Kieron previously posted about it here, wherein the gigantic wibbling wimp praised its design but moaned about its difficulty. I have successfully proved myself the stronger man than he, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the balance-tuning patches added since release.
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Scratching The Surface: Desktop Dungeons

C'mon! Bring it!

Tim Ashcroft gave me the nod on this, which I’d spotted around but hadn’t actually got around to playing. As usual, more fool me. Desktop Dungeons is a short-form rogue game, with almost everything you’d expect in a more traditional game crammed into something you can burn through in 10 minutes. It ends up feeling like a cross between a Rogue game and Minesweeper, with a splash of Patience. I suspect many of you will find a permanent space for it on your laptop, and I explain why below…
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