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Planeturret Defense Force: Commander

By Adam Smith on January 6th, 2012.

Commander. Not the most inspiring title in the world, to be sure, but there’s a charming little game hiding behind it. A tower defence game without any towers, Commander plops you in the seat of a ship, zipping about from planet to planet and dropping various sorts of turret on the surface, ready to blast any incoming threat. Those turrets must be enormous and probably bring down property prices in the area, stretching out into space as they do, but they get the job done. The game’s still in alpha but there’s a demo available on Desura, as well as an option to pay £2.99 for this and future releases. See video below.

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Silly Shooting in SickBrick

By Craig Pearson on November 11th, 2011.

Laser disco explosion matrix!
Any game that starts out like Duke Nukem Forever, with the player in a toilet, makes me wary. SickBrick does that. But then two minutes later I’m in a Portal-ish test chamber, albeit a simple one where I’m just blasting clunky robots, and everything feels just that little bit better.
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You Can Pay For Xenonauts Again, Pals

By Alec Meer on November 11th, 2011.

Mission hopefully successful, again!

Poor old Xenonauts, Goldhawk Interactive’s Cold War-set XCOMalike, was the most recent victim of Paypal’s callous punishing of indies who fund development by selling early builds of their games as part of pre-orders – and as a result it hasn’t been available for sale for quite some time.

Well, a month on, the impressive turn-based tactical strategy game is back, thanks to Desura. You can pre-order it (again) right now, and doing so gets you immediate access to the current version of the game as well as all its updates as and when. Oh, and the price has dropped from $30/£20 to a rather more sensible $20/£15. There’s also a premium version, which gets you forum-based glory and possibly other goodies down the line for £20/$30. More details here.

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Like A Record: Rotion Alpha Impressions

By Adam Smith on September 15th, 2011.

kaleidoscope eyes

I’ve been playing the alpha version of a new shape-popping game called Rotion. When I read that it was a shape-popping game I expected it to be like Pang or Bubble Bobble. It’s actually more like flOw crossed with one of those buzz wire games that used to scare me as a child because I thought I was under threat of severe electrocution. Rotion doesn’t scare me but it does frustrate me a bit, though not always in a bad way. It’s up on Desura, with a demo, and a £3.49 preorder gives access to every build right up until release. There’s a trailer after the jump along with some thoughts.

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Undead To Rights: Project Zomboid Update

By Adam Smith on August 31st, 2011.

Zombies are basically some kind of metaphor, man. But a metaphor that can chew your leg.
The Indie Stone have announced that the first update for Project Zomboid is now available for download. And that’s not all! They’ve also answered some questions regarding Steam availability and the frequency and girth of future updates. If you’ve already pre-purchased the game and have access to the in development version, the update is available now. The free demo, however, will not be updated so if you want to see the changes in action, it’s time to hand over the clams. Fortunately, that just got easier because the game is now available through Desura. Not Steam though. Not yet.

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Desura: ModDB Takes On Steam

By Lewis Denby on March 8th, 2010.

Desura's Installation Wizard checks out your current system to make sure you'll be able to play the mods and games you're after.
“Steam has done a tremendous job,” says Scott Reismanis, founder of DesuraNET. Their soon-to-be-released digital distribution platform, simply named Desura, might be competing in the same market, but Reismanis is keen to point out the worth of Valve’s own service. “Introversion software – makers of the great Darwinia game, among others – claimed they were ‘the last of the bedroom programmers’. Now, it seems that couldn’t be further from the truth.”
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