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‘Allo, Saurus – ORION: Prelude

By Alec Meer on November 12th, 2010.


Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs. Oh you boys and your zombies – don’t you want something a little different? Something, say, featuring bus-sized, man-eating lizards?
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DINOFIGHT! New Primal Carnage Footage

By John Walker on September 29th, 2010.

It's jaw was covered in bloody logos.

Primal Carnage, the dinosaurs versus humans multiplayer project from independent developers Lukewarm Media, has released some awesome new footage. It’s accompanied by quite a change – the team has switched from Ungine to the Unreal Development Kit, and what was already looking spectacular now looks super-spectacular. Below, along with lots of new details and screenshots, is an epic dino-fight, in realtime in-game UDK footage. I checked.

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Fragging With Dinosaurs: Primal Carnage

By John Walker on February 5th, 2010.

That doesn't quite seem big enough.

Man versus dinosaur. We all know the days are coming. In preparation for the ultimate war, there’s Primal Carnage. It’s to be a team-based FPS multiplayer, in which one side plays as the humans, the other the giant stompy reptiles. It’s from indie team Lukewarm Media, previously noticed for their unreleased mod/full game, Light Spire. But we’re focusing on dinosaurs just now, and Primal Carnage has just opened itself a website, announced a deal with Ungine, and offers a few tech videos to look at.

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