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Disney Infinity Reveals “Toy Box Mode Combat”

By Jim Rossignol on August 2nd, 2013.

Disney’s frankly bizarre attempt to make a game that encompasses a large chunk of their major CG franchises (and Pirates Of The Caribbean) in a single package arrives later this month and actually, well, this trailer makes it look pretty fun. Disney Infinity is essentially two games, the Play Set Mode, in which you can play games from specific franchises, and Toy Box Mode, which is a sandbox in which the game becomes less coherent, and markedly more interesting, as the trailer showing the Monsters Inc cast fighting in the same space as The Incredibles aptly demonstrates. Below. I mean.
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Loading (Wind)Screen: Disney Infinity Shows Cars Things

By Jim Rossignol on February 25th, 2013.

Cars might have ruined the visual comprehension of cartoon cars for a generation of kids, but there’s no denying its popularity with tiny humans. A wise choice, therefore, to make it one of the first unveils for Disney’s new game universe online thing. Disney Infinity is a hybird digital and real-world toy system, with different toy sets unlocking stuff in the ‘Toy Box’ area in-game. Cars, as you can see below, is one such set. And hey, it actually looks pretty good. Take a look.

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Disney Infinity: The Game That Won’t Ever Stop

By Craig Pearson on January 19th, 2013.

Think about what those words mean. Disney. Everything. Everywhere. Mostly in your wallet, though. Disney Infinity is the frightening new concept from Disney, tying in games and real-world toy figurines into a confusing and vaguely terrifying thing. I’ve read about it several times now, and I’m making the face a cat makes during fireworks night. A cat that’s just been explained the various components of Disney Infinity, and it just happens to be Guy Fawkes Night. HE IS ALREADY CONFUSED IS WHAT I’M GETTING AT. At least the trailer below is sort of descriptive.

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