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Bloody Wonderful: DOTA 2 Getting LAN Support, GLaDOS

By Nathan Grayson on September 21st, 2013.

It's like they say: you can't squeeze blood from a stone. You have to use a really, really big axe.

You might remember that DOTA 2 officially launched not too long ago. This may in part be due to the fact that it’s one of the biggest PC games ever, making it difficult to forget about in the same way that a herd of rhinoceroses just kind of hanging out in your living room would at least spend a fair amount of time in your peripheral vision. It is, of course, already quite good, but Valve plans to continue updating it until the Earth molts away its wriggly organic shell, leaving behind naught but dust and roaches. The first step in that process? A (very) soon-to-be-launched update fittingly titled First Blood. It includes LAN play! Also lots of other things, including Portal’s own wise-cracking cracker of psyches GLaDOS as an announcer. Details below.

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Why Is Dota 2 The Biggest Game On Steam?

By Michael Cohen on September 11th, 2013.

This is the first part in a new series looking at contemporary multiplayer gaming and the e-sports phenomenon.

Since Steam’s inception, just a handful of marvellous gems have topped the Steam Stats page. Games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and Sid Meier’s Civilization V have earned accolades, snared players in their thousands, and then hovered around the 50,000 mark. For Valve’s Dota 2, now just wrapping its beta period, that figure currently sits at 500,000 concurrent users (not including China and South Korea). Five hundred thousand!

More users play Dota 2 simultaneously than the nine other ranked games combined and it is only going up from there. Why?
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No, Really: DOTA 2′s Beta Is Over

By Nathan Grayson on July 10th, 2013.

We live in strange times. Food chains are trying to poison us, we can probably save lives by putting heads on dead people’s bodies, and games can corral a million-gajillion players without ever being “released”. Madness. Nothing makes sense anymore. Civilization has been replaced by a steaming crater of contradiction. And while those first two things have much further-reaching, highly disturbing implications, this is a videogame site so let’s talk about the last one. DOTA 2‘s beta ran for two years. During that time, it dominated all lanes of Steam’s most-played list because people like MOBAs a little bit maybe. But now – finally, amazingly – Valve Time has aligned with Real Time for a brief, shining moment. DOTA 2 is out. Oh, but you might still have to wait if you want to actually play. Why? Because – as I said earlier - nothing makes sense anymore.

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Stitched Up: Steam & Twitch Sitting In A Tree

By Alec Meer on July 5th, 2013.

I for one welcome our new cross-media overlords

In my day, kids used to actually play videogames, you know. Now they just sit around watching other people play them. Disgraceful, it is. They’ll never develop life-long RSI and lower back problems that way. They’ll probably still get the limited attention span thing, of course.

It’s going to get even worse now that Twitch, market leader of such inactivity, has officially gotten into bed with Steam, market leader of selling the games that people gawp at on Twitch. Now those kids don’t even have to load up two seperate services. They can just sit there, staring at the same webpage forever. Down the mines with them all, I say.
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Permission To Learn: Dota 2′s Tutorial Widens

By Craig Pearson on July 3rd, 2013.

It's coming in to land.
Look at me, I’m a Dota 2 player! I just killed my first… Cara, is that a creep? Hooray, I killed a creep! And now I’m going to something something the other somethings. Oh, alright. You got me. I am a fraud. I’ve had Dota 2 on my PC for six months now, and all I’ve ever managed to do was watch a few matches and click around on the interface. It’s brick wall to me. A beautifully animated and intriguing brick wall, but nonetheless rather stubbornly impassable. But with Valve about to launch the game to everyone and anyone, they’ve just added an honest-to-glob tutorial, adding plenty more sections to the paltry single map that served as an introduction. Did Dota 2 just become welcoming?
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Profit Storming: Valve Shares Revenue With Toolmakers

By Craig Pearson on June 28th, 2013.

I'll bet real-world hat sales don't pass money onto the loom makers.
When they’re not spinning around and around in their expensive chairs, weaving hats, or thinking up other ways to not make games that people want (“Shall we all got to Hawaii this week, or shall we crack open that HL3 design document?” “Aloha! Aloha! Aloha!”), Valve’s brain drones are at least attempting to create a community of people that can earn a living from making and contributing to games. Sometimes it’s a bit broken, like Greenlight is right now. Other times it can be so successful that Valve can afford to share the wealth between organisations that contributed to the success, but had no way to monetise their involvement. So now, when a community item in Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2 is sold in either game’s store, it’s possible for some of Valve’s take to be directed to the likes of Blender and Polycount. Ooh, just thought up a new word for it: Valvetruism.
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Valve Are Releasing A Game

By Adam Smith on June 17th, 2013.

It’s true! The screenshot has probably already spoiled the surprise but, yeah, it’s DOTA 2, a game that I already have installed on my PC and once had twenty invites for. Despite the access I have been granted to the long-running beta, the only things I really know about DOTA are the nuggets of information in RPS posts. For example, I know that a ridiculous number of people play every day but the League of Legends community still outnumbers them a billion to one. I also know that there’s a tutorial and that it is a terrible tutor. Maybe that’s one of the things that will be improved this summer when the beta becomes brave, truthful and unselfish, and transforms into a real game?

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Twenty Bucks: DOTA 2 Spring / Summer Catalogue

By Cara Ellison on May 13th, 2013.

Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right. Oooh, fashion!
It’s time to look at what $20 will actually get you in the landscape of “free” to play gaming. What does it actually mean? And what is that crisp, all-too-real twenty actually worth in various imaginary economies? In the first of an ongoing series we sent Cara off to do some shopping in DOTA 2. Just what could she get for twenty bucks?

Daddy RPS said he’d give me this $20 note to shop with, but what happened was RPS was out of change that day and so RPS patted me on the head and said “Okay off you go, go and buy yourself something nice in a Free To Play and we will reimburse you.” Challenge Accepted. I gathered the Fashion Police, which largely resembled a troupe of models from Zoolander (Tom, Alice, Dan, Philippa and I all have razor sharp cheekbones) and we went shopping with Daddy’s money. Which I hope Daddy actually has or this may be some sort of elaborate prank…

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Updated: LoL’s Still The Biggest MOBA In Town

By Alec Meer on April 10th, 2013.

Update: Riot have poured cold water on DFC’s somewhat dubious report, asserting that they see over 500,000 concurrent LoL players in the US and Europe alone (as opposed to Dota 2′s 300,000 odd globally). Riot tell me that DFC “is in the process of pulling their press release promoting this report.” So LoL very much remains king of MOBA castle, whichever angle you look at it from.

An invite-only sequel to a free Warcraft mod is how the West was won. That’s the claim, anyway, but so long as Valve keeps its internal figures locked up there’s no entirely reliable way of knowing exactly who’s playing what in PC-land. League of Legends has, of late, been hailed the most-played PC game in the the Western World, but the DFC Intelligence PC Game Meter (via GamesIndustry) has used assorted surveys (primarily of Xfire’s apparent 23m users) and magick to determine that Valve’s Dota 2 has now overtaken it. A victory for Valve – except LoL is actually far, far bigger than that.
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The De-Dauntifying: DOTA 2 Gets In-Game Tutorial

By Nathan Grayson on March 2nd, 2013.

Even those who are less knowledgeable about MOBAs than they’d like to be but plan to rectify that as soon as humanly possible (IT’S ME, OK FINE JEEZ IT’S ME OH GOD I’M SUCH A MESS) know this much about DOTA 2: it’s the hard one. Thus far, League of Legends has paved my road to vague competence with copious pointers, helping hands, and utterly heroic shoves in the right direction, but DOTA’s idea of a red carpet involves my blood. Lots of my blood. So Valve’s decided to change that. Well, a little, at least. The storefront, hardware, and fuuuuuture creator that occasionally develops games has added an in-game tutorial to its arena battling opus. But this is just the beginning, and it wants your help.

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Let’s Share Some RPS Community Video Antics

By Jim Rossignol on February 18th, 2013.

There are quite a few communities bustling away in the General Sociability forum, and some of those have produced of videos of their antics. I’ve embedded just a few of those below. There are many more, and I am sure others still I haven’t seen.

Are you doing video stuff with the RPS community? Link your work/play in the comments!
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Watch Valve’s The International 2012 Documentary

By Jim Rossignol on November 16th, 2012.

Valve – little-known Washington-based developers of Richochet and Alien Swarm – have been working on another project for the past couple of years. It’s a remake of an obscure mod called “Defense Of The Ancients”. This unlikely sequel has been a surprise hit, with “computer gamers” from all over the world saying that it’s “quite good” and “maybe I’ll play just a bit more”. This rash streak of acceptance has recently culminated in a championship of some kind, mysteriously dubbed “The International 2012″.

Valve took their camcorders and video-phones along to capture the event – which took place in some kind of space center – as you can see below.
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Candy Or Death: DOTA 2′s ‘Diretide’ Event

By Nathan Grayson on November 1st, 2012.

'Tis the season to be whatever this thing is.

By my estimate, there are 327 billion videogame Halloween events, but they all tend to share a couple commonalities between them: 1) they do the bulk of their grim work before or on Halloween, and 2) many of them sorta aren’t very interesting. DOTA 2, though, has dumped out its pumpkin pale to reveal an entire new mode, complete with its own mysteeeeeerious metagame. Meanwhile, it’s keeping the festivities going until… well, nobody’s really sure. That said, the new items expire on November 12th, so draw your own conclusions. For now, though, let us not worry about that. Instead, let’s turn our doting gazes on poor, malnourished ancient terror Roshan. He lurks beneath the break, million-year-old maw glistening with unquenchable candy lust. Awwww. I kind of want to give him a hug.

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