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The Mass-Effectification of Dragon Age 2

By Jim Rossignol on July 13th, 2010.

Why change a winning formula? That’s what I was left wondering after discovering that, on the one hand, Dragon Age sold better than any Bioware game ever as of November, and on the other, that the formula is changing dramatically for Dragon Age 2. It’s worth noting that the PC version isn’t changing as much as the console versions of the game. We will apparently retain “strategic combat”, which is a good news, while console chums will be “playing to their strengths” with more actiony combat mechanics. Conversation will also now be handled via Mass Effect’s wheel system. The biggest change, however, is that Dragon Age 2 will be getting its own equivalent of Shepard, with player character options reduced to the male of female versions of “Hawke” (pictured? I think). Bioware confirmed on their forums that you will have to play a human.

Hell, I enjoyed Mass Effect 2, but you have to wonder why Dragon Age was so successful in the first place. Not because it was copying its less successful sibling, that’s for sure. I enjoy almost all of Bioware’s work, but I think boiling one game down to another just makes gaming a less interesting place. Diversity is important.

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Thief: DS For £2.09?! And Other Bargains

By John Walker on July 2nd, 2010.

It's a steal!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry.

The Steam summer sale thingamy is continuing to offer some ludicrously good prices, as it happens. I’ve just spotted some for which there’s only six hours left, which should fill in some vital gaps on your virtual shelf. There’s Thief: Deadly Shadows for £2.09, BioShock for £3.49, and Titan Quest Gold for £2.49. There’s also Dragon Age, about 80 hours of game, for £11.99.

I can’t get over Thief 3 for barely more than £2. This is one of those games that come 2014 we’ll be writing ten year retrospectives about. If you never did, you absolutely must right now. Just for the heck of it, I’ve pasted my review of the game from 2004 for PC Format.

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Have U Got The New Look? ME2/DA Make-up

By Kieron Gillen on May 20th, 2010.

Instead of doing a podcast, John should give his own personal grooming videotips. Like making sure you get most of the food you eat out of your beard. It's a winner!

I came to Mass Effect 2 late, and after a couple of weeks of man-chat and man-shoot, finished it off last night. And so, I wandered off to Youtube to have a look for some of the choices I stepped away from and to relive my sexing of a mental lizard. At which point, I come across the make-up tutorials of UtopianDream (Who’s affiliated with the splendidly-named gamer-model agency Charisma +2 ). Her initial Miranda Mass Effect 2 one seems to have been linked quite widely back in February – which I missed – but her later ones for Morrigan Dragon age and (RPS IRRELEVANT!) Bayonetta (er) Bayonetta have been ignored. UNTIL NOW. Do you do requests, UtopianDream? If so, SHODAN. Go on. You know you want to. Her tutorials follow…
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I Envy You Because…

By Alec Meer on May 17th, 2010.

…You’ll download this Dragon Age texture pack, and it’ll just work for you and it’ll look super-spanky and that will be that. Me, I’ve wasted over three hours trying to make this collection of spit’n'polished graphics take with my own DA install, hoping to be saved from the disappointingly muddy visuals of what was otherwise one of the finest games of 2009, but I’m still only getting itermittent, glitching results. Not the fault of the mod at all, I stress – something is just wrong with my install, and I’m avoiding re-downloading 18Gb of RPG to fix it. If the mod’s screenshots (poorly represented by the compressed JPGs herein) are anything to go on, though, it’s well worth it. But: why do mods like this exist in the first place? Why don’t the developers cater for this degree of detail themselves? Well, because it would be insane.
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The Ongoing Saga Of Dragon Age DLC

By John Walker on January 18th, 2010.

A player stood waiting for his RTO DLC to arrive.


I keep having these grand plans for writing about the Dragon Age DLC. Since the game came out I’ve intended a Wot I Think summing up the content subsequently released for my favourite game of last year. But at every turn I have been thwarted by a confusion of DLC management. An enormous array of bugs and errors are making it near-impossible for some to access their paid for content. And the tale of Return To Ostagar, originally due out on 5th January but still a no-show, is rapidly descending into farce.

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Good Morning: DA:O Awakening Trailer

By John Walker on January 6th, 2010.


I’ve banged on quite enough about Dragon Age’s first expansion, Awakening, due this March, so I’ll not witter on more here. Just to say there’s a trailer for the new content below, explaining the outline of the plot, and not featuring any silly rawk music. Post-game spoilers below, naturally.

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Dragon Age: Awakening Confirmed, Priced

By John Walker on January 5th, 2010.

Clearly not from the new content.

Before I begin, other news: Return To Ostagar, today’s DLC release, has been delayed. No word when it will appear. Sadpanda.

Onward. After yesterday’s scurrilous rumours of a potential Dragon Age expansion called The Awakening this March, the truth has come out. There’s a Dragon Age expansion due this March, but it’s called Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. There’s no “The”. Take that,, with your so-called “news”. It’s set after the events of the main game, with you playing a Grey Warden Commander aiming to rebuild the Warden’s ranks. One thing. It’s going to cost $40.

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Dragon Age: Return To Ostagar + Rumours

By John Walker on January 4th, 2010.

BioWare still putting their bloody logo on every stinking image.

Dragon Age is getting bigger. A little bit bigger tomorrow, and then perhaps rather significantly bigger in March. If the words spoken by Czech Eurogamer are true, we could be seeing Dragon Age: The Awakening in a couple of months. (Via That VideoGame Blog.) When I spoke to EA bods before the game was released I was told, “We’ve got at least 30 hours more content ready for the game already,” so it’s no surprise that the expansion rumoured for March should be about 15 hours long (or, for perspective, twice the length of the average console shooter). Tomorrow, however, definitely brings us the smaller DLC pack, Return To Ostagar.

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I’m A Naughty Boy: Respecs In Dragon Age

By Alec Meer on November 23rd, 2009.

I rather painfully hit a wall in Dragon Age a couple of weeks back, finding my enjoyment stymied by the twin tediums of getting killed far too much and getting bored of wandering endless dwarven caverns and elven forests that required an absurd amount of backtracking through narrow, empty corridors. (Really, would it be so wrong to turn on the instant map travel system in major areas once they’ve been cleared of enemies?) Finding myself with some free time, I headed back in today, only for the former problem to re-rear its annoying head. I knew what was causing it – I didn’t have a good healer. As well as that, my main character, a mage, was a mess of mixed abilities, lacking a core function, horribly prone to inflicting friendly fire with his more powerful attacks and running out of mana horrifyingly quickly to boot. He was screw-up, in short – a liability in every fight.
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Rock Lord: Dragon Age’s Number One Guy

By Alec Meer on November 9th, 2009.

Danger! Danger! This contains a few minor, character-specific spoilers – but nothing to do with DA’s main plot.

My first few hours with Bioware’s latest had more worried I wasn’t going to be entertained. Sure, I was having fun, but my party, the people I was travelling with, were pretty dry. Facetious holy warrior Alistair had a nice line in comic deflections, but arch sorceress Morrigan seemed a textbook line in sneery, sultry know-it-alls (though I’m sure there are many stings to be found in her self-confident tale) and, while the dog was sort of cute, it wasn’t exactly chatty. As for wide-eyed, pseudo-French bard Leilana – well, my cat could read those lines better than her. Sigh. Could I really make it through a couple of dozen hours with these ciphers, these stereotypes, these appalling cod-Euro accents? (Though, seriously, I like Alistair a lot). Then I met Shale, the golem – almost immediately the game’s bright, dazzling star.
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Face Off: Dragon Age Giveaway Results

By Kieron Gillen on November 6th, 2009.

Sorry about the delay on this. The plan was to judge it last night, but there were – er – unavoidable delays. In a pub. Sorry. However, I’ve judged the competition and selected the winners, turning this into a very Dragon-agey day indeed. Hopefully they’ll have their copy of the Dragon’s Age Direct2Drive shortly. The standard of entries were high. Many people did copies of famous people. Many people did copies of us. Many people did seemingly completely normal fantasy characters, with bios, which is very sweet. Some people did things which make me genuinely disturbed. Some of them are winners. But which ones? Click, to discover.
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First Steps With Dragon Age

By RPS on November 6th, 2009.

We’re playing Dragon Age. Except for John, because he’s already finished it and reviewed it for PC Gamer. The rest of RPS were a bit later to the party, so to speak. Consequently we’re a little… distracted. We offer a few early thoughts below. It’s probably fair to say that there will be minor spoilers in this article.
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Dragon Age Patch Out, Targets Difficulty Issue

By John Walker on November 6th, 2009.

Come, it's slightly friendlier here now.

Dragon Age playing masses, the 1.01 patch is out, and it’s likely essential. Those who’ve seen my PC Gamer review, and indeed very many others saying the same, will have noticed complaints that the Easy difficulty level at certain points isn’t altogether that easy. And I’ll wager many playing on Normal aren’t exactly finding it a breeze. The patch notes explain that they’ve, “made Easy difficulty easier”, and crucially, “slightly increased attack, defense, and damage scores for all party members at Normal difficulty.” I’ve yet to check what difference it actually makes, but hopefully this will address my one major complaint with the game. Steam has already auto-patched, so restart if you’re playing it over there. (And while I’m here, here’s Eurogamer’s review of the 360 version – it seems the PC won this one rather well.)

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