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Brace Yourself: Empires Of Steel Demo

Aw, the world looks quite cute from this angle.

Empires of Steel, previously offering a beta demo back in September, now offers a final demo. The turn-based world-conqueror from Battlefront now available, too. Lock up your fathers. And get the demo from here.

Naval Razing: Empires Of Steel Beta Demo

I see no ship jokes left to say
Are you excited about the forthcoming turn-based wargame from Battlefront? Here’s a chance to continue to be excited (and/or be crushingly disappointed). Are you not aware of it? Here’s a chance to have your expectations created. Are you still reading this paragraph? Well done. The beta demo of Empire of Steel can be downloaded from here. As the name says, it’s beta, so expect issues, but it includes two full maps to play, with no restrictions, and a chance to nose at all the other features. To get a feel for the game, there’s a game footage video below…
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