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E-Sporting Chance: HuK-HuK-HuK!

Another week, another round up of e-sporting news from ESFI World‘s senior editor, Samuel Lingle. Read on below for the results of the North American Star League and the trepidations of one particular player, Chris “HuK” Loranger.
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E-Sporting Chance: Hacking Dreams

Last week we took a look back at Major League Gaming Providence, the final event for North America’s largest e-sports circuit. This time, we’ll look at last week’s big event: Dreamhack Winter 2011. See ESFI World’s on-site coverage of the event here.
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E-Sporting Chance: A Tale Of Two Heroes

The world, yesterday.
We’ve decided that it’s time for the hivemind to turn its unblinking gaze on the world of e-sports, and to do that we’ve recruited our chums over at ESFI World to give us a weekly taste of what’s happening on the various competitive and pro-gaming circuits around the world. Introducing this new column is the story of the recent MLG finals in Providence. E-sports drama, it turns out, can be years in the making… [Photos in this article by Zhang Jingna.]
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