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Eternity’s Child: The Wrong Platform

Of course, the artwork when still is quite nice.

Yesterday Kieron linked to the rather unfortunate debacle that took place on Destructoid, as indie developer Luc Bernard had a bit of a drunken explosion in response to their negative reviews of Eternity’s Child. So I thought I’d take a look.

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Eternity’s Child Versus Destructoid

1/10 is the new 7/10. That means nothing to anyone who hasn't read the games press obsessively forever, but I say it anyway, as it's probably meta. Am I drunk? I MAY WELL BE.

This is a bit of an internet road-gawk. I picked it up from John “Naked War” Pickford over at Rllmuk. In short, blog-combine Destructoid review fresh-on-steam platformer Eternity’s Child. Despite its $5 tag, both its reviewers give it an impressive 1/10 review-o-TWACK!

And then one of its creators turns up in the comments thread, has a go at the review, the reviewers and the people he was working with.
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