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After The Storm…. London’s Radius Festival

By Alec Meer on June 12th, 2014.

Last year it was Etoo, this year it’s Radius and the bulk of it is no longer happening at the same time as the LA monster that is E3, but the purpose is the same – interesting games and nice people at a fairly relaxed, and free, event in That London.
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An Evening With The Old Men Of New Games Journalism

By Alec Meer on March 20th, 2014.

Older readers (and writers) may recall that, in the dim and distant days before Rock, Paper, Shotgun, our hallowed co-founder and now acclaimed comics writer Kieron Gillen proposed a profound change to games journalism: leave the pretence of objectivity behind, step away from the dry scores, the thinly-disguised marketing and the focus on facts and technicality, and embrace subjectivity, anecdote and emotion. His angry, passionate, devised-down-the-pub New Games Journalism manifesto attracted both reverence and hatred, and, one might say, lasting change – both good and ill.

That was ten years ago. He’s tried not to mention the war since. But next week, in a different pub, he relives it all – with an audience, with the journalists he’d supped with at the time, and with The Guardian. You can be there, if you can be in London next Wednesday.
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