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Twenty Minutes Of Far Cry 2

By Jim Rossignol on June 26th, 2008.

“A completely real, no bullshit open world.” The presentation from this year’s Dreamhack shows the sophisticated AI in action, the scale of the open world, the way the missions are implemented, the freedom of the open world, the combat, the vehicles, fixing broken vehicles, the wildlife, the physics and fire-propagation.

Game Of The Year, anyone?
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Ramble On Rambling: Exploration Games

By Jim Rossignol on June 3rd, 2008.

Certain game experiences seem to suggest other, older games, and leave me longing for them. Age Of Conan, which I’ve been playing a great deal for the PC Gamer review, somehow left me longing for Oblivion. There was something about the way that Age Of Conan tantalises you with elements of single player gaming that left me quite hungry for a proper RPG romp, and so I reinstalled the last Elder Scrolls game and plunged in.

To tell the truth, I’d been meaning to go back and play Oblivion a some point this year after being reminded of it in PC Gamer UK’s Top 100 meeting. Tom Francis had talked about the moment he’d be most fond of in replaying the game: coming out of the underground tutorial into the bright, beautiful gameworld. “You get this incredible feeling of freedom,” he said. “It’s wide open and it feels like anything is possible.” It’s a feeling that, in some ways, is only possible in a game of Oblivion’s calibre. That kind of feeling could be an antidote to the pressures of real life, and definitely an antidote to too many hours in a traditional MMO. I wanted to recapture that, although I had wondered whether Francis’ was simply being hyperbolic. Was Oblivion better than I remembered?
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Technical Demonstration: Far Cry 2

By Jim Rossignol on May 29th, 2008.

Far Cry 2 is making my 3D card creak with fear. That, in turn, is making my wallet weep tiny tears of fear and shame. Yes, it’s going to be beautiful, but when my machine choked on the enormity of Crysis, how is it going to get on with all the visual cleverness that is contained in the recent techdemo of Far Cry 2?

Oh, who cares? Far Cry 2 looks technologically extraordimentary, and if it’s half as good as the recent flood of info seems to suggests it’s going to be well worth augmenting my PC with expensive sandwiches of silicon for. After the jump: vegetation in the wind.
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Far Cry 2 Development Video

By Jim Rossignol on May 7th, 2008.

Far Cry 2 looks at least a couple of kinds of incredible. “You’re free to go anywhere you want at any time,” says creative director Clint Hocking of the stupidly detailed 50km2 slice of African terrain. “It’s about giving the player the opportunity to play the game the way he wants to play it.” Judging by some of the testimony and in-game footage we can see here, he might just be telling the actual truth. Mechanically, at least, it’s looking rather like an expanded version of Stalker, with plenty of open space and the ability to tackle things as you see fit. I’ve said it before, but my money is on this being the best game on PC this year. After the jump: that video diary.
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A Far Cry From What We Desire

By Jim Rossignol on March 27th, 2008.

Thanks to all the clues suggesting cleverness we’ve seen in the last few months, I’m pretty excited about Far Cry 2. Nevertheless I do have to wonder quite what Ubisoft are thinking when they release a “producer comment” video that is a short and pointless as this. Shakycam footage of some dudes getting shot outside some mudhuts? Talk about minimum effort. Could do better.

Thanks GameTrailers, even if this did make us cry.

The video does confirm “Fall” release on all formats, however. The last half of 2008 is looking pretty interesting.

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Far Cry 2 WobbleCam Footage

By Jim Rossignol on March 18th, 2008.

Reportedly from an event in London this week that we totally weren’t invited to. Hmmpf! Anyway, this is little bit too dark to really appreciate what’s going on, but the tree physics are fun, and it does suggest that it might just have done right what Crysis got wrong, and allowed gamers to really explore the terrain. (I love terrain more than breakfast, I do.) Also, tantalisingly, there’s a little bit more chat about the non-linearity of the game within the 50km zone: “We’re giving the player access to the missions in pretty much any order he wants.”

There’s a distinct possibility that this could be the best game of 2008.

GameTrailers, we’d love to be non-linear for you.

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Far Cry 2: Death To The Trees

By John Walker on February 22nd, 2008.

[EDIT: Now with Mystbusters-stolen investigative journalism]

I’m so pleased Far Cry 2 looks amazing. There was an obvious fear (pun so intended) that after Crytek made their own sort-of-sequel without Ubisoft, that the publisher’s sequel would be a, “Yeah! Well we’ll make our own game too then!” revenge release, probably consisting of a side-scrolling platformer with bullet time. But instead, they seem to be making the most realistic foliage simulator of all time. Have a look:

Merci beaucoup Gametrailers.

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I Still Wish They’d Called it Far Cry 2: Cry Harder

By Alec Meer on January 22nd, 2008.

We’ve only seen brief glimpses of Far Cry 2 so far, but at last the first proper in-engine trailer is upon us. It may not show anything of how the game actually plays (clue: it involves bullets and mens’ faces), but it does feature these things: Zebras! Antelopey things! Savannah! Forest fires! Huts! Goodness, it’s awfully pretty. Suspiciously pretty. Gen-yoo-eyne Crysis-beater or bullshot? You decide…

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Games For 2008: Far Cry 2

By Jim Rossignol on January 11th, 2008.

Despite some rumbling in the games industry jungle about the status of Far Cry 2, we have every reason to believe that this could be one of the finest games of 2008. The team have already shown off some aspects of the open-ended world, reminiscent of Just Cause, Stalker, or those opening islands of the original Far Cry game, and that alone is enough to get my non-linearity glands swollen with anticipation. I think it’s clear that after the various degrees dissatisfaction we’ve all expressed with last year’s batch of shooters, we all need a big, bold, freeform explosion to clear our conscience. Far Cry 2 could well be the game that provides it.
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Far Cry 2 – Which Engine Was That Again?

By John Walker on January 4th, 2008.

Let me tell you a secret. Sometimes when you read an interview with a developer, rather than having sat in the room with the individuals involved, it’s done by sending a batch of questions off and awaiting the reply. The trick is, ask questions that offer a sense of a narrative flow, and then arrange the results in such a way that it reads naturally. It’s not a case of faking anything, simply making a Q&A an entertaining read. (If you want to see the difference, check out our interviews with Valve which were all done face to face, apart from the Eric Wolpaw one. Very rudely, he failed to rearrange his wedding around our visit.)

Sometimes, this can backfire. For example, German magazine PC Games Hardware’s recent Q&A with the Far Cry 2 developers.

Slow motion car crash.

It all begins with a simple, innocent mistake. The thought that Ubisoft had licensed the Crytek engine. Find out what happens under the cut.

Beyond this, there’s some useful Far Cry 2 tech info to plunder, for those who love to know what their Direct X 10s are doing, the AI programming, and its “realistic fire simulation”.

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Blimey: Far Cry 2 Footage

By Jim Rossignol on September 7th, 2007.

So I was a little indifferent to the Far Cry 2 announcements, and then I saw this shakycam footage from Leipzig:

Thanks, Game Trailers.

All that, and no mutants.

EDIT: this doesn’t justify it’s own post, but it’s a very brief video of Gabe Newell talking about why the PC is awesome, again. And no Kotaku, Macs do not “rule”.

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An Island In The Fun

By Jim Rossignol on July 19th, 2007.

The Far Cry 2 teaser site is up and running. You can click on the trees and birds fly off! Man, I’m sold. I haven’t been this excited about a semi-interactive picture of an African vista since I don’t know when.

Yeah, this site is a ‘teaser’ in the sense that it’s really not offering us anything, while at the same time making furtive suggestions about things it might want to reveal later on. Filthy creature! No real information, nothing concrete to go on, and elsewhere all we can dig up is some press release info containing random warble about AI or something. Oh, it also mentions this is a Ubisoft Montreal production, rather than a Crytek (original Far Cry studio) game. They’re busy, you see.

“Far Cry marked the beginning of a new era for shooters. An era of gorgeous graphics and of advanced artificial intelligence,” declared Tony Key, vice president of marketing at Ubisoft. “We are confident that Far Cry 2 will have the same impact again on the FPS genre landscape.”

A debatable declaration, Tony. Far Cry ushered in an era of overly-hard end-of-game enemies and smoky Doom 3 interiors and, arguably, that was yet another part of the old era. What it should have marked was an era of hang-gliders, blue skies and large islands – by which standards Just Cause is the only genuine successor to Far Cry.

But now there is Far Cry 2. The vague connotations in the site’s imagery suggest it could be a savannah-based shooter? Miles and miles of grassland and the odd mutant wildebeest? Is that cool? And there was me thinking that EA-published Crysis was going to be the true successor to the island-based shooter. How naïve I can be.

Ah, beautiful Crysis. Pumped up tech-soldier violence, punching trucks to death, giant alien bosses, and it’s even set on a tropical island. It’s almost like a new era for shooters, or something. If it has a hang-glider in, I’ll marry it. Yeah, that’s more like it. Men married to games, games with blue skies and alien invasions. Let’s have a Crysis screenshot to finish. Actually, this entire post was going to be based around the recently released gameplay screenshots, but they’re all rubbish. So here’s a seemingly mocked up motion-blurred picture of that supercommando protagonist instead.

Oh and Far Cry 2 is supposed to be about in Spring 2008. Ubisoft seem pretty good with guessing when their games will come out, so fingers crossed.

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