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Roper Talks Flagship, Hellgate, Sadness

Gamasutra have a wide-ranging interview with Bill Roper, the juciest portion of which talks about how Hellgate: London went wrong. He says: “It still eventually comes down to dollars and cents and time. I mean, I think when Hellgate: London came out… we knew it needed another four to six months. The publishers knew it needed another four to six months. Everybody was all in. That was kind of the mindset.”. And much more. Go read.

Mythos, Flagship’s other project, is now in beta.

Bloodbath at Flagship?

What on Earth’s going on with Flagship Studios? The short answer is it’s not entirely clear yet. But some newsmen are claiming that the creators of Hellgate: London, and the forthcoming Mythos, are shutting up shop, with the ownership and IP of both games transferring elsewhere. Blimey. How did it come to this?
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Hellgate: Going Underground

Some of you may be hoping I’m going to run out of rubbishy song-title references if we do many more Hellgate stories. Sadly, I could do this all year.

This is a press shot. It's not from the Beta. We used up our press quota yesterday on a gag. We are so bloody stupid.

Anyway – let’s get on with those Beta impressions I promised you yesterday, eh?

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