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It’s Actually Quite Large: Unepic

By Adam Smith on October 14th, 2011.

Torches are there to be lit, not whipped, which is a welcome concession to realism

Spanish developer Francisco Téllez de Meneses makes me feel like less of a man with his splendiferous appellation but I’ve managed to put those feelings of inadequacy aside while trying out the demo for Unepic, the Metroidvania style indie title he’s been developing for the last two years. Several people seemed to think this would be my kind of thing, emailing me and demanding that I give it a shot. Francisco describes it as “a mixture of platform game, role game and joke”, all of which are things I’m fairly sure I enjoy. The actual exploration aspect is shaping up particularly well, with lots of loot, a smattering of side quests and a big old castle to map out. Demo link below.

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