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He’s Outraged! GearGrinder Demo Lunacy

It's all the rage.

Kieron mentioned this morning that the GearGrinder demo was out. But just knowing that wasn’t enough for me. I had to play it too. HAD TO. And I can tell you, on a scale from 1 to Completely Hatstand Insane, GearGrinder scores a Batshit Crazy.

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Danger Wideautoload: Geargrinder Demo

There would be some manner of truck pun I could do here, I dare say.

This demo accelerated out of – er – wherever demos accelerate from in – er – the recent past (“Yesterday”). It’s a truck-based racing-with-guns chaos thing and is out in a couple of days time. Is it any good? Well, that’s why they released this 600Mb-or-so demo. Go have a nose. To get a taste, you’ll find the trailer Jim linked to (and was mean about) beneath the cut…
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Pimp My Ride: GearGrinder

Truth be told, GearGrinder from Headup Games looks a bit rubbish. That said, we’d be remiss not to report on a game which features transforming jet-propelled trucks armed with flamethrowers, missiles, and anti-aircraft cannons. Yes, it’s one of those driving-with-guns games, only this time more ludicrous that previous variations on that idea. It’s probably not going to be any good, and we’re probably not going to care… It’s best if you go look at the trailer, and see what I mean. (And today might be a bit heavy on the trailers, as GamesCom is in full swing, and a load of PC stuff is spilling out.)
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