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Cara Loft: Tomb Raider Concept Raiding

You aint seen me right
I have pulled on boots and a hat, grabbed my pistols from the drawing room, and I’ve attempted to plait my hair but my fingers got all tangled up and oh how do you do these things anyway you need like six hands ugh.
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Portal 2’s Final Hours: The Book

I think it's about TF2.

Portal 2: The Final Hours is a digital book about… wait, don’t tell me… no, it’s gone. The book is either called “The Final Hours of Portal 2″ if you believe Valve’s emails, or if you place your trust in Steam it’s called, “Portal 2: The Final Hours”. Will those two ever learn to get along?

It’s a big old thing, absolutely packed with information, interviews, pictures (one so close to his beard you can see what Chet ate for breakfast), videos, audio, interactive photographs, and thoughts on the process. And it’s all slidey and interactive, in a way that books are in films about the future. For £1.50, this seems a decent chunk of information. And you can find out what car Erik Wolpaw drives.

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