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Wot I Think: Gravity Ghost

By John Walker on January 27th, 2015.

Gravity Ghost (official site) has been on the horizon since 2013’s Indiecade. The physics puzzler is at last with us. It soothed a sickly baby to sleep, but did his father enjoy it too? Here’s wot I think:

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Extreme Loveliness In Space: Gravity Ghost

By Ben Barrett on September 16th, 2014.

Oh you, giant space deer

Chill out, RPS. Get mellow. Mellower than that. Mellower. There you go. Now you’re ready for Gravity Ghost, a 2D game about floating around in space, using orbits to solve puzzles and progress. As you manoeuvre around planets you grab various powerups, which affect your motion and abilities. Small indie studio Ivy Games have made a game that has no possibility of death or failure, “just hours of blissing out.” It’s absolutely gorgeous and has a brill soundtrack from FTL’s composer. The team recently announced that the game will be coming to Steam on January 26th.

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One List To Rule Them All: IndieCade 2013 Nominees

By Craig Pearson on September 12th, 2013.

According to my phone’s GPS, Google Maps, a quick check of my immigration status (I am currently not being beaten nor threatened), and my own keen observations involving my fridge, I can confirm that I am not in Los Angeles. It means I can’t be part of IndieCade 2013’s glorious festival of games next month. As a treat, for all those not in that part of the world, they’ve released the list of games nominated for the award ceremony. It is lonnnnng and full of games. We might not be there in practice, but our spirits can at least get a few drinks in. A few PC highlights are below.
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