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Great Dane? A Few Thoughts On Hamlet

I think it was Brannagh he captured this moment the best.

Kieron linked to the Hamlet demo yesterday. It’s a Samorost-style point and click adventure, cute cartoon graphics and, of course, a Shakespearian plot. I’ve been playing the full version for a while, and as is the way of things I have some thoughts about it.

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Is This A Demo I See Before Me?

It has pointing AND clicking.

Oh, piss. That’s Macbeth. Anyway, the previously discussed Indie Hamlet Adventure has been released. You can download the demo here, which allows you to play the game for an hour before you have to pay to unlock it. I guess, anyway. That’s what normally happens. This is some high quality games journalism going on here. I’ll try and recover by pointing at another Hamlet game, this one a text adventure. I played a little of this a while back, and I approve of the general Bill and Ted “she’s your mum, dude!” approach to the material. Oh – trailer follows.
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More Things In Heaven And Earth: Hamlet

I wanted to do the header as something like 'can't make a hamlet without breaking a few eggs' which wouldn't fit. Man!

It’s an indie adventure based on Hamlet and out April 8th. That would probably be enough to justify a quick post. When the full title is “Hamlet or last game without MMORPG elements, shaders and product placement”… well, we’re only human. More info on their site, and footage follows…
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