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Hero-U Graduates From The Kickstarter Academy

By Alec Meer on November 20th, 2012.

those smiles are now 48% wider

Retro-revival Kickstarters are no longer the sure-fire success they seemed to be a few months ago, it seems. Elite: Dangerous trails a long way behind Star Citizen’s incredible haul, Old-School RPG was cancelled, massively promising Bullfroggy god game Maia sadly may not reach its (frankly too high) target and Quest For Glory creators Corey and Lori Cole went right down to the wire for their adventure game Hero-U: Rogue To Redemption.

Make it they did, though – passing the $400,000 target with just four hours to spare. By the time you read this post there’ll be but half an hour left on the clock. Given the game is now definitely happening (well, as definitely as anything on Kickstarter gets), pledging now will mean you get your rewards, so the time for fence-sitting has at least passed.
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Interv-U: Lori and Corey Cole On Going Rogue

By Richard Cobbett on October 20th, 2012.

Remember, it's a school full of heroic rogues, not rouges. You don't want rouges trying to be heroes. It'd be a mascara.

Rhyming Quest For Glory designers Lori and Corey Cole are back, bringing one of the Kickstarters that have been demanded ever since the world remembered that adventure gamers have a wonderful mix of nostalgia and money. Their new project is Hero-U: Rogue To Redemption, and while it’s definitely not QFG6, it does share the same family tree. We sent Richard on a quest to interview them, and slay a dragon. He managed half.

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