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Hands On: Blacklight Tango Down

I've been resisting doing a YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'VE BEEN TANGOED gag all the way through this piece.

The game bluescreens. For the third time this game. I swear. Not again. Not fucking again.

You may wonder why a developer is proudly letting journalists play their game in their state. There is reason to their madness. This isn’t a bug. This is a feature.
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Blacklight And “The Madness Of War”

It’s a trailer for a game in which men in masks shoot other men in masks! Actually, with a name like Blacklight: Tango Down, you might be forgiven for thinking it was some kind of dancing game set in a dodgy club. Perhaps it should have been. We’ll be able to tell soon, as we’re going to be taking a closer look at it before a release this summer. Clickwards for trailer.
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