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Like A Rolling Stone: InFlux Rolling Out

By Cara Ellison on July 24th, 2013.

Katamari dreamtime
Lovely roll-em-upper InFlux is ready to roll out, and you can help put it on Steam too. It must be lovely to be a ball. Imagine just rolling around in a paddling pool, for example. Or rolling down a grassy hill. Or bouncing gently down some steps. And in InFlux, you can do all of those things whilst solving physicsy puzzles! Just look at this trailer! Like a new Portal without the sarcastic narrator and well, less of the holes. Actually I don’t know why I brought Portal up. Perhaps I brought it up because it looks good. HERE IS THE TRAILER. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m Rolling, I’m Rolling, I’m Rolling, I’m Rolling-nerrrr: InFlux

By John Walker on October 3rd, 2012.

Ever since I couldn’t get past the third level of Marble Madness, I’ve found a real affection for rolly-ball games. Even Super Monkey Ball! So I’m intrigued by a project from Aussie devs, Impromptu Games: InFlux. It’s a puzzle platformer, of sorts, in which you roll a small ball around what looks to be extremely varied locations, defying and embracing gravity. It looks at once calming and complex – just like me! You can see a bunch of footage below.

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Ballin’ Outta Control: Balls Gone Wild

By Lewie Procter on February 13th, 2011.

No testicles were harmed in the making of this game
Ballin’ Outta Control is a lovely looking ball rolling game by Impromptu games, of Velociraptor Job Interview Simulator Pro fame. It has a mix of natural environments and weird greenhouses filled with abstract shapes and physics based puzzle platforming. I wonder whether this ball is friends with the ball from The Ball, the Monkeys from Super Monkey Ball, or the Marble from Marble Madness…

Trailer cleverly hidden beneath. Read the rest of this entry »

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