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Infectonator! World Dominator! Exclaimator!

I was mean about exclamation marks earlier this week. It should be stressed, this is what they’re for. We’ve written about Infectonator before. Now, that Mr Norskov has brought us the attention of a sequel – the titular Infectonator! World Dominator! – let’s write about it again. The core of the game remains – a cross between Peggle’s fire-and-forget design added to Plants Vs Zombie’s gold-collection plus some grindy-character advancement, but it’s got more detail plus a Syndicate-styled world-map and questionable ethnic stereotypes. Just a generally bigger game, and has eaten a half hour of mine already. Also, many fat people’s brains.

The Brain Trust Marches On: Infectonator!

Brains! Etc! Yes!

Uberbrain Ariana lobbed this at me, with an admission that occasionally you don’t need anything other than creating a mass zombie infection with a click and sending them to eat brains. She has a point. Go play Infector! for the 5 minutes it’ll amuse you for.