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Hop On Board: Just Cause 2 Stunt Trailer

By John Walker on December 7th, 2009.

The only way to fly.

“It’s not realistic. We don’t want it to be realistic.” See, this is why I’m so looking forward to Just Cause 2. Fi-i-i-inally a game that isn’t trying to boast realism. But rather boast lunacy. The latest trailer shows off the vehicular stunts you can do, from tethering cars to statues, destroying sports cars off road, and just nonchalantly included in there, jumping from a private yet to a fullsize airliner. I might explode before this comes out.

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Because There’s Also A Story, Right

By Jim Rossignol on November 13th, 2009.

Two new developer diary videos for sandbox vehicular action game (comedy?) Just Cause 2 have landed, and they only serve to hammer home just how absurdly entertaining this game looks. The videos feature skydiving, grappling, and man-shooting, but also explain a bit about what all this ludicrousness is intended to achieve, which is to overthrow the dictators of the fictional island of Panau. Good thing dictators need overthrowing, I say. Go watch it look even more awesome, below.
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Tether Me To This Game: Just Cause 2 Trailer

By John Walker on October 30th, 2009.

I made it look all arty like.

As well-read students of gameology will know, and any who’ve asked me for my wisdom will have heard, the two main prongs of good gaming are grappling hooks and double-jumps. Once both those two are in place, you’ve essentially made a perfect game. It’s quite simple. Now, Just Cause 2 doesn’t have double-jumping, but according to this graph I’m imagining it turns out that this factor can be replaced with infinite parachutes, so long as the grappling hook can double as a tether. It’s a complex graph. Evidence for why I’m hopping from one leg to the other in anticipation for this one can be found in my E3 impressions, and indeed in the new trailer, below.

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Grapple-chute Express: Just Cause 2 Verticality

By Jim Rossignol on September 14th, 2009.

Videogames were always meant to be ludicrous, and Just Cause 2 captures the spirit of the insane quite perfectly with its absurd hyperbolic action sequences. As if being able to base-jump over a kilometer wasn’t enough, the game’s fundamental mechanisms – a grapple and a parachute – can be used together to create a consistent and instant option for getting vertical. Check it out below.
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Just Cause 2: Tourism Trailer

By Jim Rossignol on August 20th, 2009.

Just Cause 2 is taking the whole Tourism In Imaginary Places idea rather unseriously for their GamesCom trailer. The latest glimpse of the open-world third-person absurdi-game is set up as a trailer for the beautiful holiday destination island of Panau, where the game takes place. Frankly, it’s a little throwaway after the game’s spectacular showing at E3, when we wrote loads about it, and then cooed and wooed at the entirely insane developer walkthrough. But still, it confirms Just Cause 2 as one of the most appealing games of the coming year.

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More Just Cause 2 Lunacy

By Jim Rossignol on June 9th, 2009.

It’s amusing how calm Just Cause 2‘s lead developer is as he narrates the most ludicrous sequence of events I’ve ever seen in this footage. The trailer was insane, but this is just silly. If I have to die, I want this dude to choreograph it.

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RPS At E3: Just Cause 2

By John Walker on June 4th, 2009.

The only way to make an arrival

There have been two games that have made me laugh out loud at their sheer audacity during this E3, and one of them is Just Cause 2. You may remember that the original game from Avalanche in 2006, as famous for its infinite parachutes as it was for having an entire island to explore as you wished. There were some who found the unrealistic nature of endlessly spawning parachutes to be offputting. Ho boy, they’re not going to like Just Cause 2! Because, cor, it’s even more ludicrous.

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Ultra-Spider-Man: Just Cause 2

By Alec Meer on June 2nd, 2009.

I uttered “oh come on” at least four times during this footage of the sequel to Avalanches’ gloriously stupid GTA-with-a-parachute sandbox actioner. But they were, I assure you, happy “oh come ons”. Just Cause 2 clearly intends to push plausibility far past breaking point, turning hero Rico into a fully-fledged superhero who can do whatever a spider can, but without the fruity suit and restrictive moral code. Take a gander at his absurd parachute and grappling hook skills below. Grappling a moving plane while in free-fall! He’s some guy, that Rico. Some guy.
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Just Cause 2 Announced

By John Walker on January 30th, 2008.

Eidos have officially announced Just Cause 2. Which we surely all already knew about. But hey, screenshots!

just cause 1

Rico Rodriquez returns, in what’s being described as the same game again with shinier graphics. But hey, infinite parachutes again is this: a good thing. Also, press release at the bottom for people who like to read press releases. People who write press releases, for instance. Screenshots and all nestling beneath the read-more-thing.

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