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State Of Play’s KAMI Now On PC: Could Use A Hint

KAMI, the puzzle game from Lume creators State Of Play Games, is now out on Steam. And as is rather often the case, the PC port of the mobile game is definitely the superior version. There are still some silly issues, though.

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Flipping Good News: KAMI Kaming To PC, Soon

Here’s a nice piece of news to brighten a dreary Monday. KAMI – the superbly received puzzler for IOS – is heading to the PC. This is from State Of Play Games, who brought us the lovely Lume, and are working on the forthcoming (and even lovelier looking) Lumino City. KAMI is also now out on Android too, for proper decent people who don’t have iThings, like ME. But the important thing is: PC version very soon. There’s a trailer below, so you can find out why you should care.

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