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Ten Years Of Loathing

By Alec Meer on February 12th, 2013.

My other car is made of meat

No, it’s not the anniversary of when I started writing about games – this is in fact year twelve of my moaning about flashing pixel-based products, I’ll have you know – but instead the tenth birthday of satirical, stickman-based browser-kinda-MMO Kingdom of Loathing. It’s a game I spent an awful lot of time playing during the last couple years of my tenure on PC Format magazine, in between compulsively browsing eBay for vintage Transformers and repeatedly going to check if the snack machine had accidentally priced Kit-Kats at 5p again, so I am heartened by its longevity.
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I Put A Spell On You: Word Realms Trailer

By John Walker on June 11th, 2012.

Not quite a unique one there, then.

Asymmetric, they behind Kingdom Of Loathing, have a new game I’ve been mentioning in the Kickstarter Katchup for a few weeks now – Word Realms. And finally we have some footage of the game in action. It’s a Bookworm-style spell-em-up, but in a far more involved RPG. Which is a thing I want. Spelling words to attack opponents, who are AI-spelling words back at you, while gathering equipment, gold and ADVENTURE.

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Words With Enemies: Word Realms

By John Walker on May 23rd, 2012.

That's my favourite cereal.

The scarcity of good word puzzles on PC is a SCANDAL I tell you. But coming along to rescue this situation are the two fine men behind Kingdom Of Loathing. Word Realms looks like exactly the right game to exist, an RPG in which you use the magic of spelling to cast spells and magic. With a story! So, it’s a bit Bookworm Adventures, clearly, and that is only a good thing, because PopCap keep making more bloody match-3 games instead of only generating me more Bookworm Adventures, as should obviously be their singular task. Word Realms has been secretly in development for a few years, and is due to be released this October. And there’s inevitably a Kickstarter.

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The Kingdom Of Loving

By Alec Meer on October 13th, 2010.

my other car is made of meat

Probably the world’s finest MMO/Deathtrap Dungeon pastiche wants me back. This email… This email, it breaks my heart.
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