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Simplicity Rules: Kingdom

By Nathan Grayson on October 21st, 2013.

Ah, nothing like a refreshing morning ride through the Proteus fields.

I’ve heard the term “rule with an iron fist,” but in Kingdom, you don’t even need the whole hand. Technically, you could use just one finger, though two is probably more efficient. The sidescrolling survivor sees you play as a king astride a regal steed constructing a kingdom to match. His awe-inspiring, super amazing videogame powers? Move left or move right. Oh, he can also throw money at his problems, like any good authority figure. But hey, money talks, and random peasants quite like the sound of what it says. Slowly but surely (and also sire-ly), you amass an army of loyal builders, farmers, and archers who merrily go about their business with a coin in their pocket and a song in their hearts. But then day fades to night, and you live anything but happily ever after.

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