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Lace Mamba Acknowledge Reporting & Accounting Issues

Lace Mamba Global have informed RPS that they recognise that there have been some issues with their reporting and accounting, involving certain indie developers. Last night we mentioned an open letter written by a number of European indie developers, accusing Lace Mamba of non-payment, contract violations, and some rather peculiar claims about the business. We approached Lace Mamba for a comment, and they’ve gotten back to us this afternoon, primarily focusing on the confusion over the apparently two separate companies, distancing themselves from Jason Codd and Mamba Games, and stating that they “recognise that Mamba Games pre-existing contractual obligations are not being met.” They also acknowledge that there have been issues with “reporting and accounting”, and that they are working hard to resolve them, and to “regain the trust of the games industry”.

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Indie Devs’ Open Letter Claims Issues With Lace Mamba

An open letter has been written by indie developers Amanita Design, Colibri Games and Daedalic Entertainment, reporting some rather worrying claims about UK publisher Lace Mamba. The company, known for picking up digitally distributed indie projects and selling boxed versions, is alleged to have failed to pay and keep to the contracts made with the indies.

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Lucius: The Pint-Sized Demonic Hitman

There have been all sorts of horror games over the years, including plenty that made no sense at all, but never have I seen one that lets you play as the archetypal “creepy child” from various works of horror fiction. An oversight, perhaps. It’s all to change come “Q4 2011″, however, as Lucius sees you playing as the son of the devil, given the task to kill all the residents of a mansion without letting anyone guess that you are responsible. Interesting concept right? From the looks of things it’s taking a leaf or two out of Agent 47’s notebook, and has nods to The Exorcist and The Shining in this sinister trailer from Gamescom:
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Non-Vanilla Ice-Pick Lodge: Cargo!

They’re back. Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of previous art-pop-powerhouses like Pathologic and The Void return, with a new game that should be with us before the end of the year. With only a press-release and some art, it’s hard to get a handle on it – but it’s a radical aesthetic inversion from its none-more-gloomy predecessors. It promises to blend a game with a musical-featuring carnival and hint of the resource-management of some of their previous games, centering around collecting the concentrated happiness element known as FUN. And if that isn’t a meta-gag about people’s usual critique of their games – “Where’s the fun!?!” – I’ll be very surprised. I’m showing the whole press-release below, because it’s a work of art and ambition. Can’t wait to see more, Ice-Pick.
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