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League Of Legends Ranked Mode Pulled Due To Recall Bug

By Philippa Warr on July 16th, 2015.

Honey, I'm home

League of Legends [official site] ranked matchmaking has been disabled while Riot investigates a bug relating to the Recall ability.

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League Of Legends: Tahm Kench, The River King

By Philippa Warr on June 24th, 2015.

All the better to eat you with.

Remember how a few days ago Riot were teasing their new League of Legends [official site] champion and being all “He’s a catfiiiiish. A catfish from the deep sooooooooouth. Maybe a bit of an evil catfiiiiiiiish.” There are now some actual details. OBSERVE:

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League of Legends Will Soon Have A Champion Catfish

By Cassandra Khaw on June 21st, 2015.

Nom nom nom

The next League of Legends [official site] Champion looks like he might be a bit of a dick. Judging from this cinematic trailer, the Cajun-flavored River King may be something of a fairy tale villain. He’s constantly hungry, for one. And will barter with unsuspecting mortals for impossible favors. Without spoiling the three-minute video, let’s just say that things take for a dark, disturbing turn towards the end.

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Dote Night: Runes And Masteries With Riv

By Philippa Warr on June 10th, 2015.

Spending all my IP, don't mind me.

Part of a miscellany of serious thoughts, animal gifs, and anecdotage from the realm of MOBAs/hero brawlers/lane-pushers/ARTS/tactical wizard-em-ups. One day Pip might even tell you the story of how she bumped into Na’Vi’s Dendi at a dessert buffet cart. THIS WEEK, however, she will be glaring at the runes and masteries of League of Legends!

In a few minutes of downtime at the recent MSI event League of Legends expert and caster Rivington “RivingtonThe3rd” Bisland III sat with me for a beginner-friendly Q&A focusing on Runes and Masteries. Both are ways to give a little boost to your Champions which you set up before a game starts. Runes provide little bonuses which you can stack in order to increase their effect. You put the runes into pages in order to set up slightly different builds, then pick one of these pages to use when you go into a match depending on how you want to play. Masteries are similar but rather than you just selecting the bonuses you fancy and plugging them into vacant spots you’ll need to follow a progression tree, adding points strategically in order to access particular bonuses further down the line.

“Overall they have a slight impact on the game but they can definitely make or break a situation where you both come down to about 10 HP and you’re trying to win that battle,” is how Riv sees runes.

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New Order: League Of Legends Getting Big HUD Changes

By Emily Gera on June 6th, 2015.

In news that could feasibly enrage the sensitive denizens of the Internet, the minimap in League of Legends [official site] is being moved from the top to the bottom of the screen as part of Riot Games’ big HUD update on the Public Beta Environment.

Essentially you’re going to be seeing a lot more game and a much more streamlined HUD, if these early images are anything to go by. Read the rest of this entry »

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League Of Legends Testing Super-Fast Justice-O-Tron

By Philippa Warr on May 25th, 2015.

Totally accurate picture of the Justice-o-Tron in action.

League of Legends [official site] developers Riot are testing out a new super-fast justice system where bad behaviour will be punished within 15 minutes of a match ending.

The system is part of Riot’s ongoing effort to promote good behaviour amongst its playerbase. Jeffrey Lin (Lead Game Designer of Social Systems at Riot – i.e. in charge of creating and tinkering with player behavior systems) explains that speed is important when responding to abusive outbursts or bad behaviour in-game: “we know that the faster a player receives feedback, the better their chances of reforming.”

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Eye Candy Optional: Kill League Of Legends’ Wildlife

By Jem Alexander on May 19th, 2015.

My first thought when I heard that Riot had added a “Hide Eye Candy” toggle to the League of Legends [official site] options screen was that a lot of champions would suddenly be sporting frumpy coats. Big wooly jumpers to cover themselves up with, perhaps. But no, instead this new feature is designed to prevent players from being distracted. By butterflies.

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Drop The Mic: LoL Pro Player Quits Team In 18-Page Letter

By Emily Gera on May 16th, 2015.

Professional League of Legends [official site] player Austin “LiNk” Shin has recreated that scene from Office Space where they dropkick a jet printer except instead of a trashing printer he has written an 18-page letter to the public about why his Counter Logic Gaming teammates are jerks.

You can read the treatise, which Shin released to Google Docs, in full here. It’s extensive. The letter covers his three-year career, including running away from home and dealing with the havoc of team drama, particularly from one Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

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Dote Night: How League Of Legends’ Starter Champs Work

By Philippa Warr on May 13th, 2015.

Ashe. She's the first champion I played and I absolutely ripped the other team apart. Coming from another MOBA and knowing a lot fo the rules already is fun!

Part of a miscellany of serious thoughts, animal gifs, and anecdotage from the realm of MOBAs/hero brawlers/lane-pushers/ARTS/tactical wizard-em-ups. One day Pip might even tell you the story of how she bumped into Na’Vi’s Dendi at a dessert buffet cart. THIS WEEK, however, she will be finding out how League of Legends picked out their starter champion lineup!

League of Legends [official site] treats newcomers ever so slightly differently to veterans when it come to which champions they are allowed to play for their first few games. Instead of just plunging these baby Leaguers into whatever’s on the free rotation you get to pick from a pre-selected roster of more straightforward characters like Ashe and Aatrox. If you’re more familiar with Dota 2, it’s similar to that game’s Limited Hero pool. The idea is to give players a bit of guidance and prime them for a more positive introductory experience to League than if they pick a character like Orianna and proceed to get utterly destroyed. I got in touch with Riot to find out how their picked their champs:

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Ekko: New League of Legends Champion Revealed

By Jem Alexander on May 11th, 2015.

Riot revealed a new League of Legends champion, during the Mid-Season Invitational tournament that took place in Florida over the weekend. The new champion’s name is Ekko and, as you can see from the video, he has the ability to manipulate time.

The surprise teaser was shown after the first game of the five-match series that saw Chinese team Edward Gaming overcome South Korean super team SK Telecom T1. Make sure you check out all of Pip’s fantastic coverage of the event for an in-depth look at how that happened.

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“It’s Like A Storybook Ending” – Jatt On SKT v EDG League Of Legends MSI Finale

By Philippa Warr on May 11th, 2015.

This picture is intended to be spoiler-free. One of the teams wins.

The grand final of the League of Legends [official site] Mid-Season Invitational meant time for the matchup we’d been forecasting from the start: SK Telecom T1 versus Edward Gaming.

But far from playing out a foregone conclusion the best-of-5 turned into a nailbiting finale, complete with pocket strategies, huge teamfights and a Faker with his hands on LeBlanc. Shoutcaster Josh “Jatt” Leesman was on hand to discuss *that* result:

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“In retrospect Bengi looks like a god” – Phreak on League of Legends MSI Day 3

By Philippa Warr on May 10th, 2015.

Remember back when EU LCS hope was real? THANKS SHEEPY!

Day three was semifinals day at League of Legends [official site] Mid-Season Invitational. With International Wildcard team Beşiktaş and underperforming North American side Team SoloMid eliminated, Europe’s Fnatic headed back to the Rift to duke it out with Korea’s SK Telecom T1 before Taiwan’s AHQ faced off against China’s Edward Gaming.

Shoutcaster and analyst David “Phreak” Turley was on hand to pick through the day’s games with us, starting with the five match back and forth between Fnatic’s chaotic aggression and SKT’s strategising and lust for dragons:

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“This is a guy who plays a different champion pool entirely, some better than Faker” – Quickshot on MSI Day 2

By Philippa Warr on May 9th, 2015.

SKT taking on Fnatic

Day 2 of the League of Legends [official site] Mid-Season Invitational brought with it the best games of the tournament so far, when Europe’s Fnatic and LMS’s AHQ took on Korean side, SK Telecom T1. SKT had dominated the first day of proceedings but Fnatic were the first team to ruffle their feathers and it looked like the European side might actually take a win off the Koreans. Meanwhile, at the other end of the leaderboard, North America’s Team SoloMid continued to crumble despite the chants and support from the home crowd.

I sat down with shoutcaster Trevor “Quickshot” Henry to take stock of the day’s proceedings and get his take on the MSI so far. The first question: What the heck is TSM’s problem?

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