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Have You Played… Lego Harry Potter?

By John Walker on February 11th, 2015.

I find the Harry Potter books about as entertaining as the side of a shampoo bottle, and slightly more poorly written. I couldn’t get through the first book for wanting to mark it with a red pen. It is fair to say that I am not a Harry Potter fan. But the Lego Harry Potter games are sublime.

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Lego Of Tradition: On Traveller’s Tales

By John Walker on May 20th, 2011.

They have a really weird thing about bananas.

It’s a mistake, in light of Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean, to accuse Traveller’s Tales of diminishing returns with their Lego series. I keep seeing that happening. It’s wrong. If anything the problem is the stability of their consistency. I’ve had a think about why.

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Potters Not Barred: Lego Harry Potter Demo

By Kieron Gillen on June 28th, 2010.

Are those the Weasleys? Many sat that Jamie McKelvie and I are comics' answer to the Weasleys. I think it's an insult, but wouldn't know.

I’m pretty sure that title line doesn’t work at all, but it’s early. So early, that I even posted this story with just the title at 9:27, before I’d written anything. Man! I need more tea. Anyway, it’s later in the day now, and as we mentioned on Friday, the most outstanding literature sequence of the last fifteen years has finally been given its long-expected treatment in Lego. But now there’s a demo. Which you can play, the gaming equivalent of standing in Borders and just reading the first few chapters of the fucker. And to prepare you, here’s the trailer…
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Hogwarts And All: Harry Potter Lego Out

By Kieron Gillen on June 25th, 2010.

Harry shamefacedly confessed to his horrified friends that the 'ectoplasm' he filled the pumpkin with was his own semen.

Our favourite apologia of the private school system and quasi-meritocratic racism has finally been all lego-ed up. It’s out today, on pretty much every system, including the one we cover. And here’s the launch trailer…
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Wizard! Lego Harry Potter Trailer

By John Walker on April 15th, 2010.


Look, right, I’m just going to say it: I don’t much like Harry Potter. The books, I mean. I’m sure Harry’s just lovely. But the whole thing has never done anything for me. I’m not boasting – how tiresome people are who think they’re clever for not liking something popular. I’m missing out. (Although I can always re-read His Dark Materials, I suppose.) But still. I tell you this to explain my confusion at the new video for Lego: Harry Potter Years 1-4. It’s quite a dilemma really – the Lego Star Wars games were wonderful, and even though the Lego Indys were weaker they still offered that smash-everything fun that appeals to me so. So of course a Potter game will offer the opportunity for deliberately making those characters collapse into their Lego bits over and over.

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JK Rendering: LEGO Harry Potter In Action

By Alec Meer on March 18th, 2010.

Cheery things about videogames, to make people cheery. It’s been a while since the LEGO [insert film franchise here] series tickled our funny bones and our puzzle bones quite as expertly as it once did, but I suspect there’s a lot of energy and creativity being poured into the upcoming Barry Trotter builder-basher. For one thing, the fact that the Potter books are centred around a single location should mean it’s an inherently different prospect to the pick’n’mix environments of Star Wars, Indy and Batman. Free-roaming, perhaps? It is on the record that there’ll be less combat than the previous LEGO games, and Hogwarts really needs to be the exploratory gift that keeps on giving. Oh gosh, look at me pretending I know anything about Harry Potter. It is the one with Violet Elizabeth, isn’t it?
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This’ll Sell Well: Lego Harry Potter

By Alec Meer on June 1st, 2009.

About as obvious a next move as they come for Traveller’s Tales – they’re all chummied up with Warners in the wake of Lego Batman, which surely paved the way for what’s the holy money-grail of Lego licenses: that bally boy wizard. The game’ll cover the lad’s first four years at Hogwarts, and will make EA, who publish the movie-related HP games, very cross indeed. Video and details follow.
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