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Fragments Of Him Gains More For Its Tale About Loss

By Nathan Grayson on July 16th, 2014.

Unlike many videogames, Fragments of Him only contains one death. It’s a man, a man who had a life, a history, a family, loves, and losses of his own. The game’s story, then, centers around those who knew him before an accident took his life. The first version of the game, while quite basic and linear, is quite powerful in places (and freely available), but developer Sassybot is aiming for something much more robust with the new version. I dutifully picked up a few fragments of new info from designer Mata Haggis. Also, I plucked a new trailer fresh from the Internet’s trailer fields, and that’s below.

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Reparations: Fragments Of Him Receives Funding

By Adam Smith on December 12th, 2013.

Fragments of Him is a short, free game in which the player observes a man grieving for a lost love, which makes it extremely surprising that nobody at RPS has had a big cry over it yet. Despite the fact that all game journalists are contractually obliged to spend at least one hour every day pretending to be either barbarians, special ops chaps or space marines, we’re a bunch of softies. I’m glad we missed this particular game first time around though because there is news of an enhanced version and having played the original today, I reckon it’d benefit greatly from a few additions. It’s still well worth a look but it’s easy to see the cracks that could be plastered over with a little more development time.

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