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Wot I Think: MDK2 HD

Imagine if they're remade it to have THESE graphics.

Overhaul Games have taken BioWare’s MDK2, and run it through the HDizing machine. Did we want that? Has it been worth it? We needed answers, dammit. So we got the fine Andrew Smee to play this new version all the way through, and tell us Wot He Thinks.

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MDK2 HD Via Beamdog In September

What a strange game that was.
Now that is an efficient headline. But just to unpack it a bit: Interplay and Overhaul have remade offbeat 3D action-adventure MDK2 with modernised graphics. They’re going to be releasing it next month for $14.99, and it will only be appearing on Beamdog. Seems like a bit of an odd decision to me, but I suppose the smaller games portals have to find some way to drive traffic to their sites.

We’ll take a fresh look at the game when it comes out. I wonder if it will cling on to the same problems as the original.