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Poirot Takes On The ABC Murders

By Philippa Warr on February 26th, 2015.

Apples, bananas and couches

“An adventure game based on Agatha Christie’s The A.B.C. Murders” – it’s like someone deliberately laid a Pip-trap.

Well it worked. I have now watched the trailer exactly THRICE:

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Now Kickstarting: Flashback Designer’s Subject 13

By Alice O'Connor on July 10th, 2014.

A mirror puzzle!

When Flashback lead designer Paul Cuisset announced his new adventure game, Subject 13, through publisher and developer Microids, we blithely assumed that we’d see a new game from someone From Those Days that didn’t rely on crowdfunding. Silly us. Subject 13 is now on Kickstarter. Microids are only looking for $40,000 (£23k-ish) though, so presumably they’ve put in a fair bit of their own cash.

The Kickstarter also means that we now know what the game even is, with in-game snippets to coo. It’s a good olde adventure game, you guys, with lots of wandering around and solving puzzles, with an emphasis on looking at items real close-up. Getting right up in their business.

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And Lo, A Mighty Warrior: Barbarian’s Back

By John Walker on November 9th, 2011.

I remember the screams so weirdly perfectly.

You know what the world is missing? A new Barbarian game.

So there is one. Pointless teaser below.

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Coffin Dodger: Still Life 2 Demo

By John Walker on April 22nd, 2009.

Hello, come quickly, there's been a demo.

There’s controversy surrounding the 2004 Microids adventure Still Life. Because controversially some people think it wasn’t astonishingly disappointing. Not disappointing in the way most crazypants Euro adventures are, but disappointing in the sense that it was a murder mystery game that didn’t have an ending. It just stopped. When they ran out of money. The ludicrous claim was put on the game’s website that, ahhhh, it was the beginning of an ARG you see. Which it wasn’t. And Microids very soon dropped dead. Well now they’re back! And Still Life 2 is coming soon, with a demo out. And it’s astonishingly disappointing. But in an interesting twist, it is disappointing in the way most crazypants Euro adventures are.

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Staying Alive: Still Life 2

By John Walker on June 24th, 2008.

Sultry and pre-rendered.

I’m a little bit surprised to hear news of Still Life 2. It’s reasonably likely that you missed the original – an adventure game that should, were it to have been finished, have been almost okay. But instead it was hopeless, a murder mystery with no ending, no resolution, and littered with the most ludicrous puzzles imaginable. I have faint memories of needing to use a crane to move some crates so some dogs wouldn’t bite me, but the crane required I solve a peculiar puzzle to be able to move its levers, as it was apparently designed by a mad sadist. And a gingerbread recipe in code. And in the game.

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