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Here’s Every Feature That’s Being Dropped In Windows 10

By Emily Gera on June 7th, 2015.

Here’s everything you should know about Windows 10‘s “feature deprecation” – That’s techno lingo nonsense for “Stuff wot is dropped” from previous iterations of the operating system:

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The End Times: Achievements For Minesweeper

By Alec Meer on August 7th, 2012.


Until today, I’ve been of the opinion that anyone proclaiming the Mayan apocalypse will strike in 2012 was a half-witted knobhead, but now I too have the incontrovertible proof of impending doom for all humanity.

Windows 8 is odious for many reasons – specifically because it’s an inept mangling-together of three different interfaces, a disturbing attempt to turn the PC into a walled garden and it stealths a shopping channel into the heart of the OS – but hearing that PC game stalwarts Minesweeper, Solitaire and Majong will be re-released and infected with Achievements as part of it drove to me true despair. All hope is lost. The Earth will burn.
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