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Have You Played… Mini Metro?

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None-more-minimalist railway management game (or is it?) Mini Metro is relatively new (I last wrote about it in August, even), but it’s tended to hum away in the background rather than ever quite find the limelight, so permit me to praise it anew. When it comes down to it, railways (in this case, underground ones) are lines, right? Whoever’s designed them thus surely worries primarily about lines.* Someone else can sort out the money and the elevators and the timetables: the railway designer’s job is devise the most efficient route between A and B, and then again to C, D, E, F, G, H and oh come on, you know what I mean, I don’t have to write out the whole alphabet, do I?
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Impressions: Mini Metro

Sounds like an old British car, is in actual fact about designing underground rail systems. Basically, if you’d rather not play anything to do with transport, walk away now.

No, no, hey, come on, I didn’t mean that, let’s sit down and talk about this. I didn’t really want to play anything to do with transport either, but I’m glad I did. Mini Metro is about subway systems, but it isn’t really about subway systems.
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A (Subway) Platform Game: Mini Metro

Live your dreams. Make a Circle Line which is an actual circle.

Why are the trains in Britain always late? Here is one possible reason: efficiently connecting train routes is flipping hard. I only realised this while playing Mini Metro, a Ludum Dare entry turned alpha for a full game which arrived right on time when I needed something to play this weekend. It’s a neat strategy game, as visually clean as the finest tube maps, and currently freely available to play in your browser.

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