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Blizzard Offer Free Trial Of WoW Remote

By Quintin Smith on May 5th, 2011.

Is that a phone? That's a hand mirror, surely.

Do you have a mobile telephone? Nobody here at RPS has one, seeing as our preferred method of communication is bellowing at one another down long drainpipe-like devices of Jim’s own creation (the nagpipes, he calls them), but on the off chance you do have a mobile phone, and you play World of Warcraft, Blues reports that Blizzard has now started offering a week-long free trial of it’s World of Warcraft Remote service for “Android and iPhone”. Remarkable! You can get phones in your eyes now? I must consider getting one.
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New Bioshock Game. Ish.

By Alec Meer on February 12th, 2008.

Today is Bad Photoshop Day on RPS
Actual game may vary – i.e. not look like our crappy mocked-up screenshot.

Sorta. It may not be Bioshock 2, but a new Bioshock title is indeed on the way – for mobile phones (they’re like PCs, but tiny and with fewer buttons).

Side-scrolling platformer? Ooh, probably. Either that or just an extended version of the Pipemania-inspired hacking mini-game. No actual details yet, but maybe, just maybe, we do live in a world where a 256 colour, 128×128, four-button cellphone game that includes shocking twists, discussion upon the nature of self and references to Ayn Rand could actually happen.
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